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Man this is a taxing completion. I'm trying to power through it because of the GFWL shutdown, but it's getting to me. I finally completed the main games all the way, including Riddler challenges which were a massive drag, so all I have to do are these challenges and campaigns. The challenges are somewhat tolerable, particularly the combat ones, but I'm so dreading these campaigns. And then I have to do them 4 times over? Uuuugh.


I miss Arkham Asylum. So much easier.


EDIT: These aren't that bad once you figure out solid strategies for the Predator maps, just time consuming.

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Everything works fine with this game. However, I have a problem with the product key when I entered it, i got this "the product key you provided has been already registered to another live profile. Please enter a valid product key or go back and choose different windows live ID".

Any help would be appreciated.

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