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Create a Mask Achievement FAQ


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Create-A-Mask Achievement FAQ


*NOTE If the following below does NOT work for you and you cannot upload your Mask to your game there is an issue with your Gamertag/Email account with EA. Go to EA Support (Fixed the link on 1/15 use Internet Explorer not Firefox) to speak with an EA Rep and they will fix it for you, ALTHOUGH it will take 24 hours to become active*


*Once you do the above go to the TOP right of the screen where it says "Welcome USERNAME, Click Change Persona and click the icon that says Xbox Live Gamertag"


Alot of people are having issues and complaints on how to attain this achievement. So i thought i would post a FAQ on how it is done so everyone has a better idea.


1. Make sure your Offline or your Xbox 360 is turned off and Go to the EA Login page and register your EA Account if you have not already done so.


2. Once you have done that and signed up go HERE to set up your persona and gamertag with your account.


3. Now you are ready to go.


4. Go Here and then at the top of the page click "Launch Mask and Armor Creator"


5. Once the Java Application loads click on "Create a New Design"


6. EA will give you alot of different unique symbols and and such to create your mask. Have at it and Create whatever unique mask that tickles your fancy.


* Note if you are looking for an advanced tutorial on how to create an Awesome Mask EA has setup a wonderful guide to show you how to make some of the more advanced masks. EA Advanced Mask Tutorial


7. Once you are finished creating your mask at the bottom right of the Toolbar is a red icon that indicates your Save option.


8. Once it has saved it will bring it back to the Main menu area. Click your new Mask and scroll down to "Publish"


9. You will be shown a Public Gallery page. Fill out the Name and description as well as the privacy option (If you want it to be viewed by Everyone,Your XBL friends or nobody). Once that is done Check the Terms and Conditions of EA box and click "Next Send to Game"


10. Now once it has been uploaded turn on your Xbox 360 and go to MASKS in the Main Menu. Scroll to the bottom of whichever charchter you created a mask with and select your custom Mask.


11.Go into Versus Mode and hit Options and hit X for player setup. Equip your mask on BOTH the Chinese and Ao2. Most people don't realize there are 2 factions in MP. Once that is done enter a Quick Match game and you SHOULD unlock your Achievement for Creating a Mask.


Achievement Unlocked




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bm5SwN-WUfU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube- Army of Two - Mask Creator Help[/ame]

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Versus: Create a custom facemask online (www.armyoftwo.com) and wear it in a public match
You need to put it on and go in and play a public math. Then it'll unlock for you.


You don't even have to go and and try to make one of your own mask either. As long as your logged in, you can look at a mask in the gallery, switch to the "Details" tab, and click on the one that says (something like) "Send to game cabinet". It'll unlock as long as it is something sent from the website, not necessarily one of your own.

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Does anyone know how to put another person's mask into your game? I favorited a few masks and would like to use them in my game but the option to "Add to Game" isn't on any of them.


There is an issue within the EA website about this. People are bitching left and right. Some people can and some can't. I sent a email to EA so hopefully i get an answer .

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yeah i just checked it and it lists that i have my xbox gamertag "persona" linked to my ea account.


and when i got to my profile for AO2 it tells me this:

"Connect your persona to your game*"


then when click "login" it brings me to my profile and shows me that i am logged in

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Go to armyoftwo.com


Log in


at the top right it says Welcome Username


Click that and a pull down menu will come up


Click Change Persona


Look at your ID it should say "Xbox Live Gamertag"


If it says EA ID and not Gamertag, You are not Linked


Contact EA so they can fix it. I cannot stress enough how easy it is to fix the problem by contactign EA Chat SUpport.

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