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Achievement Trading/Co-op Partners/Item Trading


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I'm looking to get a hold of Desperate Escape on Professional as well as most of the verses achievements.


I do not have Professional unlocked on Desperate Escape yet though, but more if you don't either I'm more then willing to work with you so we can unlock the difficulty.


I work 3rds so I'm usually available during the mornings, except Tuesday and Thursday, when I have the whole day free. So shoot me a message!

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I'm still looking to boost Suvivors & Slayers, I already have 10 wins for each done and have done the Team & Special achievements already. Just looking for a boosting partner for Surviviors & Slayers.


If you are interested then message me with a time and date. Please note that I'm from the UK so there maybe a time difference depending where you are from, please keep that in mind.


GT- Dark Stephiroth

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Serious dedicated booster here. I can run x2 copies of RE5 along with the versus mode. Wanting to knock out all the RE Versus mode achivs.


Send a message to Gamertag: CHAINSAWING YOU


**UPDATE** I no longer need any of the versus.

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Looking to get the TEAM SURVIVORS 30 win achievement and the 80,000 points achievement to go with it. Will be online at 8:15pm PST(10:15CST, 11:15EST) to boost for these. Send me a message through Live or add your Gamertag to the list below if you're in for tonight


So it's settled, see you guys at night


1. Dustinator

2. Killian3349

3. I GameMaster l

4. Of CASS

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