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Achievement Trading/Co-op Partners/Item Trading


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I have a second gold account that already has all the achievements. If you do too, contact me on Xbox Live at "Zombspawn" and we can boost the 30 matches and score points vs. our dummy accounts.


I'd like to get this done ASAP and in one sitting because of now how old the game is getting to be!

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If anybody still plays this game, I'm looking to boost the vs achievements so add snake sock and we can hopefully get something going.


I just sent you a friend request, as well as HarlotEffect. Now all we require is a 4th person and a set time where everyone is available.


1. Vegas Chaos

2. Snake Sock

3. HarlotEffect

4. ???




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Looking for someone to help me get the 30 matches in team survivors achievement. Can help you out with what you need in return, wanna get this one nailed before I focus on rev and 6!


Send me a message on xbox live as I dont check my inbox here much, I'm on most of the time ! GT: ReynoldsM.

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Finally, I literally only need to win less than 5 slayers matches to 100% this game. :woop: ;)


If anyone needs help with anything, I'd be more than happy to help! I'm most likely going to have a good bud help me with the 5 wins, haven't bothered to ask him in the last week or so since I'd finished everything but I'll take a half hour out of my time to do that sometime in the next few days.


The DLC/pro campaign achievements? Weren't very difficult at all, to be honest. Did a lot of the pro missions without any help, but I did ask a new RE-related pal Trevor to help with the uroboros research facility level..


Jill is such a useless AI, it seemed literally impossible to do without a human partner, for me personally. lol


And every random that would join would try attacking wesker for some reason, even though they were getting attacked and killed instantly.


I'm sure it's possible to kill him, but these guys weren't even scratching him, and I doubt I'd have been able to make a difference. Even so, once I'd gotten a friend involved, even that level wasn't too hard.


I've heard people saying that the troll is difficult, literally wherever I'm reading up on this game.. But I knocked it out with a guy I'd just met literally on the second try, and I could've did it multiple times. The drive-and-gun first part of the chapter wasn't difficult either, we'd done both parts of that without continuing.


The only part that sort of did us in on the first try was the rock throwing, and honestly, if you literally keep shooting even when the rock looks like it's definitely hitting you, it'll break at the very last second when it's all you see on your screen, surprisingly.


Once I'd figured that out, it was a breeze, he couldn't hit us with anything. I'd gladly try to help anyone with this level in particular.

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Hey! I'm new to this game and looking to boost all the online Versus achievements. Open to mutual boosting sessions only. I'm willing to boost all the achievements you need and I'd appreciate it if you would be kind enough to return the favor.


Looking to start on Slayers first then go for Team Slayers. I need 100 physical attack kills for the Bringing the Pain achievement too. Thanks in advance for your help.


Message me on Xbox Live, here, or on TA: XY Gameboi4Ever



EDIT: If you are still looking to start this grind, good luck to you. You will be spending a little time

on this one. I finished unlocking all my online achievements today.

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Completed Versus mode 2/25/14
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