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Achievement Trading Thread [US Version]


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Should be online within the next half hour or in the next hour. All I need is about 300,000,000 more for retirement savings plan. I do have to bail after I get the achievement though because I'm already staying up to late and have to take prego to the doctor super early in the morning. Just want to get the achievement done before they shut off the servers tomorrow.

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Managed to boost a solid 9 hours and get ALL the SSC achievements, 1 Billion, and 2 campaign achievements. So tired but so happy as well.



ThreeLeggedRace for boosting for at least 3 hours past when he had all his achievements and personally volunteering to help me with coop

Shad0wSaberand Gr8asianman for helping go from 100 mil to the 1 billion and for allowing me into their group.

BELIEV0 for helping with the 40 sec dalton achievement and teaching me the ropes of boosting.

LIL TIE410 for hosting so many boosting sessions even though he had the achievement


RIP Army of Two and thank you everyone who helped boost. If only the servers hadn't shut down I would actually help with these pesky achievements.

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