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Achievement Trading Thread [US Version]


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OK well some of you should know that there is an achievement for getting a Billion dollars online in ranked. Well you should also know that you can invite friends to the rank matches.


So I was wondering is there any 3 people who want to try and do at least 2-3 20MIN MATCHES EVERYDAY or EVERY OTHER DAY. I'm not sure how much money you can snag in 20mins, but I'm guessing a lot.


Also when we do this please NO KILLING....WE WILL TAKE TURNS EVERY GAME. So first 2 people will go for one full game getting as many objectives as possible then the next 2 can go a full game grabbing the objectives.


The best thing I can say for the people who won't be getting money at the time, just go watch T.V or something.


Like I said if we are DEDICATED we can knock this out in a week or less.


I'm really hoping to get some people who have A LOT of SPARE TIME on their hands.


So if your interested PLEASE PLEASE leave your GT in this thread.


If you don't like the terms above we can work something out when we all get in the room ok.Other achievements will be achieved through some of this process. I already got 2 people that are willing to do it. So if your the fourth and you are dedicated post your GT here or send me a message over live.


Ok so if your on right now and want to try one of these games out to see how much money we can earn send me a message on live now. Who ever is on my team we will be collecting the objectives first. Hopefully everyone who helps doesn't have to go anywhere since its friday. 3 people please.

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i am down for some boosting on saturday if someone is willing to host a couple of games, i know with a competitive game i made 1 million by myself in 20 mins so we could probly triple that



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I will be on all day today and I need all of the achievements that can be achieved through ranked matches (dont die in a match etc.) So if anyone is willing to boost with me send me a friend request. Thanks in advance.

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We should organize something like I need 3 people other then me so... Sign up this match will be at 12:00 noon. I will invite you after each match to keep getting the achievements.

1) Antrcks

2) Available

3) Available

4) Available

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