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Achievement Trading Thread


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If someone is available to get any of the online achievements, just lemme know. (GT to the left)


I'm looking for someone who wants to help, or wants to get these achievements aswell together:

- Live Ammunition

- Hostmaster

- Live to Crash

- Live to Race Clean

- Online Derby Veteran


All non-ranked matches, so if you're worried about your TrueSkill going down from losing, no need to worry. Just, like I said send me a PM on XboxLive or here. The GT is BraindeadRacr without an e.


On a side note; Send a GMT/EST time with the PM, that'll save some screwing around on when to meet. I'm usually always available between 1PM-7PM EST.

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I'm from the UK so if anyone else out there wants to aid in the online matches that would be cool... I would add some of you guys but you might be from the US and times would never work...


gamertag: barbour99


EDIT: Looking for two or more people to help get the 'wreck three or more cars in an online race'... See above for gamertag.

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