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Achievement Trading Thread


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Just got this game... how many players do you need to obtain the ranked achievements??? I have one friend also that has this, can we obtain them between us or will we need others to help?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I need most of the online achievements if anyone is up for trading then add me on:


RazgriZ FX


Also if you could send me a message who you are / where you got my gt from so it makes life easier - ie you found me on x360a.org Flatout forums.



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Ok so far I have myself and two others interested in working on the online achievements for this game. We need at least one more so that we can do the ranked matches. Is anyone else interested or maybe someone who already has them would just like to help? Let me know and as soon as we have at least 4 then we'll work on setting up a day to play for these. Thanks.

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