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Guest CC99999

The Asian Version plays on Japanese consoles. The audio is Japanese but the menus are completely in English and the script is in English subtitles.


There are three glitched achievements, the first one is a 75 pointer that you would get for beating the King of Fire in the middle of the game. The final two achievements (beating the Queen of Ice at the Ice Castle and Happy Ending) are also glitched.


The game is available for cheap at Play-Asia.com. Three versions of the game are stackable for total credit of 2,700 GS (note: Asian & Japanese versions- require a Japanese console).


I completed the Asian version is 36 hours. I imagine it can be done is 30 since you do not have to power level up at the end of the game seeing as there is no need to actual finish the game to earn all of the points.


The actual achievement descriptions and place names are different in this version than they are in the US release. I have posted this information with the mods. If they choose to post it, you can compare them to what you have on your card.

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