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Horrible Act 2 Driving Glitch. (possible spoilers)


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i have escaped the parking ramp and am now driving thru new york trying to escape the chaos. i get to the point where u follow a taxi inside a building, drive up the stairs and then crach thru the window where u are suppose to land on something solid. except my car just falls into a glitch pit of death. ive done this in both cockpit and third person views. even tried rebooting the game. still fly into a pit of nothingness. do not want to skip both the possible achievments here, has this occured to anyone else, iso some kind help/feedback. ty.


i was able to fix it, so this is a warning for anyone with the same plroblem. once i flew thru the window and realized i would land in a glitch pit i was able to pause and unpause to make the ground apear before me, continue on and get my 2 achievs.

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tha car contro and phisic are terribile,the idea of a scene like this it's good but was realized in the worst mode.in the ps3 version it was fixed a little,but it's not enough yet


I really didnt think it was that bad it took me 4 tries and that was just learning the map it was about 20 2 30 minutes play Nascar 08 and u will really b complaining about a broken driving system.

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