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where to buy this?


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  • 4 weeks later...
alright ive just realised its called crash time: 1,2,3 etc


can anyone help me solve which is which?


Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels


Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time


Alarm for Cobra 11: Highway Nights


which is crash time 1, crash time 2 and crash time 3?




Crash Time 1 is Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time, Crash Time 2 is Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels and Crash Time 3 is Alarm For Cobra 11: Highway Nights.


I myself am looking for 2 and 3 but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I got really lucky with the first because it was the only one in the bargain bin.

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  • 7 months later...
where can i find this game or ANY of the alarm for cobra 11 games? in europe?


seems like nothing is ever listed on ebay or anywhere!


any help would be great


It is indeed not so easy to find these games. I've never heard of it, until the day I saw Crash Time III discounted on zavvi.com. Got the game, played it, enjoyed it, and decided I wanted the first games as well.


I got Crash Time 1 from eBay, but still looking for Crash Time 2.

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