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Researchers Handbook


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Researchers Handbook


This handbook is to be used with the current achievement guide. I couldn't fit this information into the guide so this is more of a continuation of the current achievement guide.


The full guide can be found here.


Unlike the first game you will be using a cine-style video camera rather than an old 35mm roll film camera. There is one big difference this time around, you don't need to collect film to use the camera. You don't start off with the camera but you will find it while roaming Pauper's Drop.


Using the camera:

Once you pick up the camera you will be prompted to research a Splicer outside of the cafe you're in. This small tutorial will show you the basics of the camera and how to capture using the camera. When you complete the tutorial you may want to start using the quick select option to access the camera from now on. Doing this will save you from cycling through your weapons to find the camera each time. Press and hold the :rbbut: and use the :rs: to select the camera. You can also spring to different weapons this way while recording.


Before you start attacking everyone and everything make sure you start recording before hand. Also make sure you have the enemy you want to record in frame. You won't be able to record multiple enemies at once, if you start recording and two or more enemies are attacking, concentrate on the one highlighted in gold first.


Research Tonics:

The following tonics will aid your research. You will find most of them but you will have to buy Keen Observer 2 from a Gatherers Garden. These tonics will increase your overall research points.


They're not a major requirement but if you are struggling to research certain enemy times they should help speed things up.


  • Keen Observer - Found in Pauper's Drop (Eleanore's bedroom)
  • Keen Observer 2 - Bought from a Gatherers Gard in Dionysus Park
  • Extended Reel - Found in the Project Booth at the Triton Cinema (Dionysus Park)
  • Damage Research - Found near the exit from the train in Fontaine Futuristics.

Enemy Types:

There are nine enemy types throughout the whole of Rapture. They all have four levels of research which will reward you with various advantages over them. Some enemies will only be available to research for a short period of time so following this handbook should solve all your issues.


When you encounter an enemy start researching. Don't leave it until the last minute as you will miss out on valuable research that you may not be able to come back to.


Big Daddy/Sister


  • Big Daddy - Alpha Series
  • Big Daddies - Bouncer - Rosie - Rumbler
  • Big Sister



  • Brute Splicer
  • Houdini Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicers
  • Thuggish Splicer



  • Security Bots - Security Cameras - Turrets

Note: Freezing enemies seems to be the most effective when they are stronger e.g Big Sister, Brute, Houdini's & Big Daddies. This may be not be the best combination for you personally, so use combination's that feel best suited to your play style. There are no wrong ways to take down an enemy for research, some just work better than others.


Enemy Locations:

Each location has it's own variety of enemies, some you will encounter throughout Rapture, others you will only find in set locations.


Pauper's Drop


  • Thuggish Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Brute Splicer
  • Rosie
  • Big Sister
  • Security

Siren Alley


  • Thuggish Splicer*
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicer
  • Brute Splicer
  • Rosie
  • Big Sister
  • Rumbler
  • Security

*Very few enemies, if any at all.


Dionysus Park


  • Houdini Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicer
  • Brute Splicer
  • Elite Bouncer
  • Rumbler
  • Security

Fontaine Futuristics


  • Houdini Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Big Sister
  • Alpha Series
  • Rumbler
  • Security



  • Big Sister x2

Inner Persephone


  • Houdini Splicer
  • Elite Brute Splicer
  • Alpha Series

Big Sister Encounters

You will encounter the Big Sister once you have dealt with three Little Sisters. The events surrounding the Big Sister are scripted so you can prepare before hand.


Researching Techniques:

Now that you know all the locations and what you will be researching it's time to get started and work your way towards the achievements.


While the camera is equipped and you are ready to record, you will notice the research counter on the right side of the screen. As you deal more damage to you research subject the counter will go up. The more creative you are with your attacks, the better your score will be overall. If you carefully plan out your attack you should be able to fully research most enemies with little to no effort.


Minor Research: Photos

If you fail to research an enemy you can take a picture of their corpse. This won't earn you many points but it will help a little.


Area Backtracking:

You may not be able to backtrack through levels as you progress, but you can backtrack through a current areas. Make sure that you don't leave an area until you are happy with your research. If you need to research a Thuggish Splicer or Spider Splicer early on, you can backtrack to the later parts of your current level to find them lurking.


This works for most enemies but not all. You won't run into a Big Sister or Alpha Series this way, so make sure you capture decent reels of those enemies when you can.


Plasmids & Weapon Attacks:

Some of the highest scoring techniques will come from mixing a plasmid attack with some sort of weapon. If you set a subject on fire, then shoot them with the Trap Rivets and finish them off with the Electro Bolt Plasmid your score should be fairly respectable.


Mixing your attacks with Plasmids will always earn you a high score over just shooting an enemy until it dies. Here is an example of what your counter will look like while achieving a good score:




Tip Example:

Trap (Cyclone-Fire/Electro), Rivets, Shotgun and environmental hazards will results in much higher scores.


Note: There are several different combination's of Plasmids and weapons you can use, just make sure you don't use the same ones on a regular basis. The more you use the same Plasmids and and weapon combinations the lower your score will be.


ADAM Gathering & Research:

This will probably be your best strategy for researching your enemies. Once you set down the a LIttle Sister to gather ADAM, a horde of enemies will start to attack. Setting traps will help add to your score, so make sure you use them effectively. Use your Plasmids, weapons and traps you may have set to earn the extra points.


No matter which level you are on, you will always have a selection of enemies from that level attack you. This can be useful if you require research for certain enemies which don't show up so often.


Environmental Attacks:

You don't need to use just your weapons and Plasmids to attack your research subject. Hacked security, water or other environmental hazards you can add to your research score. Doing so will increase your B grade to an A grade with little to no effort.


Researching Results & Rewards:

You may have already seen most of the research rewards while running around with the camera but here is a full list of rewards and results. Some rewards will come in the form of a Tonic, others will help take down your enemies faster. Research can be a useful tool if you take the time to record footage of your attacks.


Thuggish Splicers

Level 1: Increased Damage against Thuggish Splicers

Level 2: Increased Wallet Cap

Level 3: Increased Damage against Thuggish Splicers

Level 4: Scrounger Tonic


Leadhead Splicers

Level 1: Increased Damage against Leadhead Splicers

Level 2: Slow Security Response

Level 3: Increased Damage against Leadhead Splicers

Level 4: Thirsty Hacker Tonic


Houdini Splicers

Level 1: Increased Damage against Houdini Splicers

Level 2: Easier to spot Houdinis when teleporting

Level 3: Increased Damage against Houdini Splicers

Level 4: Natural Camouflage Tonic


Spider Splicers

Level 1: Faster movement speed

Level 2: Spider Splicer organs act as First Aid Kits

Level 3: Even faster movement speed

Level 4: Fountain of Youth Tonic


Brute Splicers

Level 1: New Drill Dash Ability

Level 2: Increase melee damage

Level 3: Increased Damage against Brute Splicers

Level 4: Armored Shell 2 Tonic


Big Daddes - Bouncer, Roise, Rumbler

Level 1: Increased Damage against Big Daddies

Level 2: Increase Drill damage

Level 3: Increased Damage against Big Daddies

Level 4: Arms Race Tonic


Alpha Series

Level 1: Increased Damage against Alpha Series

Level 2: Increase ammo carrying capacity

Level 3: Increased Damage against Alpha Series

Level 4: Elemental Storm Tonic


Big Sister

Level 1: Increased maximum EVE capacity

Level 2: Free Health restoration after gather ADAM

Level 3: Increased maximum EVE capacity

Level 4: Drill Vampire Tonic


Security - Cameras, Turrets, Bots

Level 1: Increased damage against Security

Level 2: Double ammo on destroyed Security

Level 3: Increased damage against Security

Level 4: Deadly Machines Tonic


This should cover everything you need to know about the research. There didn't seem to be any reason to add in all the different combination's of Plasmid and weapon attacks.


Just remember if your score isn't improving, you may have used the same combination too much, or that you didn't use it effectively enough.

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so if im in fontaine futeristics and dont have thuggish splicer maxed out i wont be able to in the rest of the levels?? is there no thuggish splicers from here on out??


You will only find them in Pauper's Drop and Siren Alley. There are no more throughout the game. You will encounter them in the first 4 levels but you don't find the research camera until a little after.

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one really effective reearch mthod i found was;

if you encounter a big daddy being attacks by splicers, start the camera on the big daddy, watching him fight other splcers dramaticaly increases your score usualy to a C/B before you start your fight, then if you quickly use a nice variety of plasmids with a strong weapon you can score an A+ extremily easily, but its not so common to find big daddys already in combat, and even if you do you shoudl act fast as he normaly kill splicers in no time at all..

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Nice guide :)

i personally found the best tactic for me was to incinerate them then quickly electro bolt them, followed by shooting them with a few machine gun bullets and beat them with it, then if they've still got health left change to the drill and use all 3 types of attack on them, should get an A or A+ every time unless you level up (or injure them before the camera is rolling)

Also for security (turrets,bots,camera) i found that all you need to do to get an A is electo bolt them to stun them then remote hack them

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I just finished Siren's alley and have not seen a single thuggish splicer on this level. I'm pretty sure they stop at pauper's drop.


I ran into a few on this level. Probably not enough to finalize research on though. I will go back and check the level to see if they show up often or not.

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Sonuva whore. Why do they stop spawning Thuggish Splicers after the same level you get the friggin' Camera! I'm on my second playthrough in Persephone, and all I need is a couple more of them! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


On a different note, great job making the guide. One thing though, fully researching Houdini Splicers gets you the Natural Camouflage tonic.

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Didn't know my posts and others would be deleted. Anyways, to be constructive in your opinion, you may want to add information about the 3 different tonics that help you during reserach. Where you ge them and what they do exactly. It will help speed up things. Then just remember to switch them out when your research is done since you won't be needing them (same goes for adam gathering tonics)

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so am i pretty much screwed? i have used my research camera every opportunity with two research tonics and i just rescued my last little sister and killed the big sister after and am not even level 3 research for big sister, everything else is maxed out. do i get more opportunities, or is that it for me?

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I think that's it ^


I just managed to get this cheev thanks to my save game in Fontaine Futuristics. I needed a bar of Big Daddy research and I had two more Little Sisters left, still didn't have enough, but thank fuck a Big Daddy respawns if you run around for a while. Took starting a third battle with a lonesome BD to finish it!


So there's a tip if you haven't finished Big Daddy research, there's no more after Fontaine Futuristics, but you can wait around and rinse/repeat on the one that respawns until you get it.

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Doesn't Matter About Above Post


I've Just Finished Pauper's Drop (With 3 Saved Little Sisters) With These Research Progress:

Thuggish Splicer - Level Reward 4

Leadhead Splicer - Level Reward 4

Big Daddies - Level Reward 1

Big Sister - Level Reward 1

Security - Level Reward 2

Brute Splicer - Level Reward 2


I'm Worried About The Big Sister Research But I Think I'm Alright

There's 1 Big Sister To Every 3 Little Sisters (4BS/12LS)

So Basically You Need To Get Each Research Level With Each Big Sister


Hope This Helps Anyone

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I finished the Big Sister research in Persephone when I had one level of it going into Fontaine Futuristics. Just be aware that you should hit every Big Sister from that point (there's around 4-5 more when you enter FF through the end of the game). It helps if you have the research tonics on.

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I finished the Big Sister research in Persephone when I had one level of it going into Fontaine Futuristics. Just be aware that you should hit every Big Sister from that point (there's around 4-5 more when you enter FF through the end of the game). It helps if you have the research tonics on.


On my last count there were 3 more after that, one after you deal with the last sister and 2 story related ones.


If you have 2 and a half bars of research you should be able to fully max it out on the last 2.

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