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Officer Trading Thread

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If you're looking to get the "mutual exchange" achievement or just a strong character, use this thread.


Post your own officer's name and level.




I am willing to trade/play online whenever i'm on although at the moment i only have a lvl3 cao pi

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I'm on right now. I need the officer trading achievement. I'll also help yo get Online Quest if you still need it. Add me, GT: celestial purge


We could also take turns killing each other in arena for a while for the Hex Mark treasure.

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i'm playing the wu storyline. anyone playing the wei or shu storylines, i would like to mix it up by having another family's officer on my team. i have the following, who i would gladly swap for any equally ranked wei or shu officer:


zhou yu - lv. 1

lu xun - lv. 1

sun shang xiang - lv. 1

tashi ci - lv. 1

lu meng - lv. 1

xiao qiao - lv. 1

sun quan - lv. 2

zhou tai - lv. 28

sun jian - lv. 30


my gamertag is Brad XVX, feel free to hit me up if you're interested

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thought id add this info here, with regard to officer trade..

you have ability's which lvl as you lvl and its only possible to get some of them half way. so when you hit 50 you stop gaining ability lvls. now if you trade that officer you want to increase a certain skill for and use the guest officer offline you can increase your abilitys. and increase them all to 500.


also there inate ability becomes + so if your character has dash it becomes a plus varient.


so essentially you can create a maxed character by trading them.


as a side note traded officers are not traded. they are loaned so to speak.. you can get your officer back at any time you want from the shrine


hope this helps some peeps

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