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How Good Is This ?


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IMO it's not as great as GRID and both DiRT's, but its fun. At some point it gets boring indeed, but if you keep on racing through that, unlocking more and better vehicles, the fun started coming back for me.


The gameplay is really different from the previously mentioned codemasters game as well as the online mode, which sucks.


It can be fun, but don't expect it to be like the other Codemasters 360 games. I'd say its not as good as them, but I wouldnt call this game bad.

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Fuel is probably the most enjoyable racing game ive ever played. It has loads of hours worth of gameplay and it can be extremely challenging. You will have to boost the online achievements though since no one ever seems to be on it.


I feel the same way as you. I enjoy racing games from time to time but most of them get boring to me FAST.


This is the only racing game I've ever played that I enjoy playing.


Different opinions for each person, but I would give this game a shot.

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It's not as good as Dirt or Grid but it's a great GREAT game. Some people say it gets boring but it doesn't really. I still get online with some friends and we just like to spend time driving around the map and trying jumps and seeing what kind of crazy stuff we can pull off.

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