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Fav Char Ever?

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I never really played the DW series until 6, but I did grow up playing the Romance of the Three Kingdom games that came out for the super nintendo (back in the day), all the way to number 8 for the PS2.


Fav Chars

Guan Yu

Taishi Chi

Zhang Liao

Diao Chan

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1) Lu Bu!!!!!

2) Zuo Ci

3) Pang Tong

4) Wei Yan


All of them original (like dw5 and previous!) the new character model and weapon updates SUCK! the ONLY, i repeat ONLY, good update was meng huo. Everyone else was ruined horribly, why the hell did Koei do that?? SUN CE DOES NOT USE A SPEAR!!!!!!!

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I was a massive fan of the dynasty warriors games but this 1 was abit of a let dwon as they have changed the char's quite abit but my fave char has got 2 b sun ce just because he is so cocky but i love lu bu because he is just a ubur strong.

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My favorite characters to roll with have always numbered about three or four.

1. Xiahou Dun. I think my Strikeforce is "Ow my eye..... <_> .... om nom nom" or something. Give him a scimitar, or give him a giant spiky baseball bat, he's awesome.

He's also a neat learn-the-game character in the scimitar days.


2. Sun Shang Xiang. Love the chakrams, also love the overpowered don't-get-hit-ability of the bow in 6. Wu run will focus on her for sure.


3. Pang Tong. I love me my wisecracking hobo monk moth/phoenix with tornado summoning musou. Probably my guy for the Shu run in Strikeforce.


Other characters I like - Yue Ying (as long as she doesn't ever get the Kessen II voice again... ugh); Lu Xun (guy needs to pick between elven looks and dwarven height - or he'll forever be a not-quite-right race in D&D), and Pang De (my favorite one-side-only horse attacker in DW4/5 - never liked Ma Chao or Zhou Tai much, and anyone else who did that was clearly not memorable to me!).

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1. Sun Ce - back in the days of his Tonfas, which combined with his awesome speed made him so much fun to use.

2. Lu Bu - for obvious reasons.

3. Guan Yu - Fell in love with using him back in the days of DW 3, was always the first character I would use, and go for 4th/5th weapons.

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I'm surprised there are so many fans of Sun Ce's tonfas. I feel that even though DW6 giving him a pole axe made him more generic as a fighter, his tonfas made him damn near unusable for me. His tonfas were frustratingly short range and his high speed didn't seem to make up for it.


And since some of us are on the topic of which characters DW6 ruined, Zhang He had to have drawn the shortest straw when DW6 came along. They took away his awesome claws and his character model is the ugliest in the series.


I know my whole post sounds like I'm just complaining, but that's just my opinion lol

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Sun Ce when he had his tonfa

Sun Shang Xiang cute and bow was powerful in other games

Taichi Ci he's just a bad ass

Zhou Tai was awesome with his katana

Wei. (Least fave force)

Zhang Liao and Xu Huang rock.

I liked Cao Pi when he has double swords


Guan Yu first character i used has long reach

Ma Chao and Guan Ping are cool

Yue Ying hottness

Wei Yan ... Beast


Anyone with a small sword or a fan or a magic wand can suck it

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