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Grim Reaper Guide


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http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/1074/-oKRYw==.jpgGrim Reaper - 15 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.jpg

Harvest all available civilians in the Alien Campaign


The Grim Reaper achievement is in hindsight pretty straightforward but a few will cause you hassle if you miss them. I will provide you with detailed information on the tricky civilians but the ones which pose no threat to harvest will not be listed. Just ensure you do not kill any civilians and harvest them even if you know you already have.


First of all regardless of how far into the campaign you are start from Mission 2 on easy. I played 4 levels on Nightmare than finished the Grim Reaper achievement on easy. Once I did this I carried on, on Nightmare mode and the Nightmare achievement popped. It literally took about 30 minutes from beginning to end on easy.


Mission 1 Research Lab


If you have already done this mission you won’t need to go through the lengthy tutorial again. The civilian in the lab cannot be harvested and does not count.


Mission 2 Colony


When you gain entry into the ventilation shaft below you, you will see an angry Marine and a civilian. In the shaft smash the flashing red power point on the wall. Do not go through the vent into the room or open the door to the civilian as this will cause him to kill himself or rarely put you to the next checkpoint and the civilian disappears.


Instead walk to the right after smashing the power point and turn left. Climb through this vent and kill the marine. Go back to the vent you were in and instead of going in climb over the pile of rubbish blocking the corridor and look up. You will see a vent. Climb into this and than proceed into the vent on your left. This will take you to the room with the civilian. Sneak up on him but to make sure he doesn’t pop his brains out harvest or if you are being cautious focus attack LT and quick hit RB him to the floor. Harvest away.


Mission 3 Refinery


This level contains a massive room full of marines and two civilians. None of these are hard but it’s the next bit you will want to be careful of. You will harvest a civilian working on a broken door and the next area requires you to pry open the door.


As soon as you do a civilian will sprint down the corridor into a garage area alerting another civilian who runs off to a back area. The trick here is not speed but selective harvesting. Ignore the first guy and run past him to the guy working on the car. Harvest him as soon as you can or else he will blow his brains out in the back room. Do not harvest the other guy straight away. He calls a lift which contains two Marines. Kill them but if on anything harder than easy be wary of the shotguns. After they are dead harvest the remaining civilian.



Mission 4 Jungle


After the ambush you is over you have to take out two individual power points and then enter a building. The building room this leads you to is dangerous so be careful if you are not on easy as the smart gun is really a pain. After that you will see a civilian through the floors up stairs. Do not use the stairs and enter through the doorway. Instead climb the walls and enter through the door roof. Climb to the ceiling and use LT to focus on your prey below. Use a quick RB hit and knock him to the ground than harvest him. If you mess this up he blows himself up L


Mission 5 Ruins


There are a lot of civilians but luckily they are all in the first area.


  1. As you start take out the android on the left and remain on the top floor. A civilian is inspecting a vent hole in the middle ruin with a droid watching. Anyways approach the civilian from the RIGHT side as instead of running right and jumping off the ruin he will run left and whimper enabling you to harvest him or alternatively kill the android and possibly the other one if he has seen you than harvest him.
  2. The second is just left of where the first civilian was but down on ground level. This is easy enough. Kill the Android via stealth or careful attacks as you do not want to hit the explosive gas cylinder. Harvest the civilian.
  3. The Third civilian straight ahead of where you start the level, past the first civilian and down below. You will see a civilian with an android inspecting a pressure plate. Kill the android stealthily if you can but if not do not worry. When you go to harvest the civilian make sure you don’t burn him by stepping on the pressure plate.
  4. The next couple of civilians are walking around alone. Disptach of all the Androids and Harvest the lone wanderers.
  5. Same as 4.
  6. The next two are in the closed pyramid and pretty much un-missable. You need to climb down the vent which the first civilian was looking at and hit the pressure plate. Than stand on the pressure plate civilian three was inspecting and finally the pressure plate to the right of where you started the level. This will open a vent in the last pressure plate area. Climb through here, play a game of eeny meeny miny moe and harvest a civilian.
  7. This civilian will be next to civilian 6 and defenceless.

If you have now not killed any civilians which you encounter naturally through the story and harvested the suicidal ones the achievement will pop.


Civilians are cumulative so once you have harvested him you will not need to ever again.


I hope this helps any questions please ask :D

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Thanks for the guide, just a quick question, i have completed the Alien campaign but didnt get the achievement, can i just select the level ive missed some civilians on and just play that level and when i get the last one i havent got atm the achievement wil pop? Or do i have to replay the whole campaign again?

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