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New Canary Mary Strategy-Cheato page on 1st try!


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Alright so I was sick of trying to do all the other strategies posted on here (spoon one didn't work and stop and go would work only till the last 100 yards or so.) I decided to experiment and try a few new strategies. I came up with one that allowed me to get the cheato page in Cloud CuckooLand on my 1st try using it! What you do is place your hand over the X button so that your fingernail is facing downward. When the race starts, immediately start sliding your fingernail up and down on the controller, and it will press the X button rapidly. I got tired midway through the race so you may need incorporate the "pause and rest" strategy into this as well. I hope this helps all the people who are struggling with that gosh-diddly-darn bird!

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