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Which expansion is best?  

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  1. 1. Which expansion is best?

    • Horse armor!
    • Knights of the nine
    • Mehrunes razor
    • Spell tomes
    • The orrery
    • The thieves den
    • the vile lair
    • The wizards tower

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Thats dick if you ask me. A patch for just horse armor is absolutely retarded, espicially at the cost that it warrants. I DO have the points to get it now, but I won't. Without the price control (like most people said on Major Nelson's blog) from the Sony marketplace, MS is free to set whatever price they fancy. Peeps, I'd really consider waiting on something this small and seeing if it gets packaged with maybe a couple more worthwhile downloads. Who knows, maybe it will even be released with an expansion pack if there ever was going to be one.

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I had my blade at 100 when i went to jail and they took a point off and when i gained the level back. it said i reached expert again. So i think it will work if you level down your skills with jail and then level them back up.


when i went to jail with my armorer at 100 (not fortified) it didnt take any away. luck? and was your blade fortified?

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No my blade skill was not fortified. and plus it doesnt matter if your skills are fortified or not because you do not increase from master to expert with non permanent increases. I havent tried to lose stat points, it just happened to work out that way once so i am just guessing it would work if you dedicated yourself to it.

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