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Achievement Trading Thread


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If anyone wants to trade the couple of online achievements there are, just send me a message on XBL =]

GT: Avenged Remains


Also, does anybody know if you get those credit things for just joining anybody's game room? Like, I know it says you get them for joining a friends' or something, but surely, if you were on a forum like this you could get thousands of them?!

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Looking for someone to boost the 20 wins in Outlaw. It's the only game I own right now, and I imagine it'd probably be the quickest out of all the launch titles.


GT = spoonybard1984



I dont think you can send challenges for outlaw.


Edit: I have Finalizer and Centapeede so feel free to add me : XSpantX

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none of my friends have any games or play this so i need someone or some people who have games. i have yars revenge and centipede so if u want to try for the challenges achievements and play a game in a friends arcade or any other achievement, just msg with a friend request.

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