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enter sandman achievment

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has anyone got this achievment on hard? because i did this song on hard 100% with perfect star path, even with using whammy bar, still diddnt get it only just knocked into 300k. tried on expert, i cant get the god damned blue and orange notes where u tap on! so irritating.


can the achievment be done as a band? because its pissed me off now...

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This achievement has to be done solo, so you can't get it playing as a band. You can get the achievement on Hard, though you have to FC it with the best Star Power Path. The optimal score for this on Hard though is only like 334k so you only have about 4k leeway.


Optimal Star Power Path


That's the best path for Hard. It's pretty easy to understand, Green highlight is Star Power phrases and blue highlight is where you use Star Power.




Although, I'd recommend doing it on Expert. Highest score is like 398k so much more room for error. Here's that path if you want to do that.


Expert SP path

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