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Tuddlefingers 7


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I'm creating this thread apart from the any collectibles thread to point out the one journal that everyone is having so much trouble finding including myself at one point. Here where I'm standing in the photo is exactly where Tuddlefingers #7 is. Notice the jewel type formation along the rocks and you can see the right AA gun to the side of it. The Left AA gun is blocked in the photo by the rock formation to the left.


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So to clarify, this is the first set of AA guns you come to then? THanks


Edit:- If that's the case, my game might be glitched as it doesn't even appear on the radar :( Any chance of a video please?


Edit 2:- Lol what a horrendous glitch. A blue mark on the radar appeared out of NOWHERE! Jesus christ.


Thanks for the image, and this video helped:-



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