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Trying to save time for all of you boosters out there

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All of the weapon achievements are so much easier than what has been posted thus far. friendly fire COUNTS AS A HIT so if you start a lop sided survival match you can get your 80 % that way, and blow up the other side to end the game. there is actually a lot of things you can do to make the boosting less of a hassle also like for the healing achievements you can adjust your stat points so you can heal faster and carry more med packs. and in the custom game options and the server options there are lots of things to toy around with like bleed out time. If you do not turn down the bleed out time when you get downed you will lay there rolling around on the ground for about 20 min. (or so it feels).


as long as they are gold you can log in 2 accounts per console !


Have fun ! , hope this helps!

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