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Need help on flatout race figure of eight 2


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My car will drive in a straight line off the track every time I bump into scenery, tires or other cars. Braking seems to make it worse.


Please tell me how to navigate this track.


I am using the Ventura Race Class car with full upgrades.

Top Speed 5.3

Acceleration 8.2

Handling 4.3

Strength 6.2

weight 4.5

nitro 8.4

drive RWD

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From what I remember you have to play really carefully with the accelerator to speed down, without pressing on the brake, except if you don't have the choice. Also turn the wheel by pushing the stick really shortly.

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This is the figure 8 in the race class right? If so, I had trouble with it as well. How I ended up beating it was by getting the vehicle with the best handling to start out (the truck), then buying all upgrades that increased handling and weight (the heavier it is the shorter you'll jump when going over the block in the middle of the figure 8, and the more turning time you'll have before getting to the turn). If you've got the money, get other upgrades as well, it depends more on your skill I guess, but the I think the handling and weight were the most important.


Also, when I raced it, I was very careful in the corners, staying on the inside as much as possible to avoid the cement barriers on the outside of the track which just fell away if you brushed against them.


I also think I got really lucky too though. I was running the race in third place, and on the second lap, the second place driver got taken out by cross traffic at the intersection. Then after the next turn around, the same thing happened to the first place driver. It was both extremely lucky for me an sweet as hell to watch! I even sat though the replay to see it again :)

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