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Alien Hominid Hat Collectible Guide


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Alien Hominid HD

Hat Collectible

[Guide is finished. I'm currently taking screenshots.]


NOTE: You will hear an air horn sound when you unlock something.


All images are primary captures and may not be used without permission.


You will earn the following achievement while following this guide:



Mad Hatter

Unlock all of the 31 hats that are in the game - 20:gsicon:

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Taken from The Behemoth's community forums, the hats are in the order they appear in the options screen where you pick your hat; they are not in the order you'll get them in-game:


[color=#000080][b]0. No Hat[/b] - (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]1. Red Baseball Cap[/b] - (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]2. Brown Hair (male)[/b] - On hard, jump off the spaceship before the screen fades after beating the final boss[/color]
[color=#000080][b]3. Brown Hat[/b] - In 2-5, kill 7 birds[/color]
[color=#000080][b]4. Blond Wig/Pearls[/b] - Beat 1-2[/color]
[color=#000080][b]5. Brown Wig/Pearls[/b] - Beat 1-3[/color]
[color=#000080][b]6. Black Afro[/b] - Beat 1-5[/color]
[color=#000080][b]7. Jheri Curl[/b] - In 1-4 destroy "fish are like plants" building[/color]
[color=#000080][b]8. Red Bandana - [/b]Beat 1-4[/color]
[color=#000080][b]9. Vietnamese Hat[/b] - (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]10. Crown of Flowers[/b] - Beat 1-1 with gore off[/color]
[color=#000080][b]11. Stove Pipe Hat[/b] - Beat 1-1 with gore off[/color]
[color=#000080][b]12. Tiara[/b] - Beat 2-2 on hard[/color]
[color=#000080][b]13. Daisy-petal hat[/b] - Beat 2-3 [/color]
[color=#000080][b]14. Private Eye hat[/b] - Beat 3-2 on hard[/color]
[color=#000080][b]15. Nurse Cap[/b] - In 3-5, get to final boss (don't have to win)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]16. Chef Hat[/b] - Beat 1-3[/color]
[color=#000080][b]17. Conical purple hat[/b] - In 1-3 destroy "Castle of Crap" building[/color]
[color=#000080][b]18. Flower[/b] - (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]19. Viking Hat[/b] - (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]20. Area 51 agent hat[/b] - Beat 3-2[/color]
[color=#000080][b]21. KGB Agent hat -[/b] Beat 2-1[/color]
[color=#000080][b]22. Pirate Hat - [/b]In 1-1 destroy "Hairy Mommy Daycare"[/color]
[color=#000080][b]23. Indian Feather -[/b] (available at start)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]24. Rooster Hat -[/b] In 1-4 destroy the Behemoth-logo building[/color]
[color=#000080][b]25. Jester's Cap -[/b] Beat 3-4 on hard[/color]
[color=#000080][b]26. Yellow Shark Fin -[/b] In 2-4 dig/suffocate before riding snowmobile[/color]
[color=#000080][b]27. Conical brown hat -[/b] Beat 2-2[/color]
[color=#000080][b]28. Ears -[/b] Beat 2-2[/color]
[color=#000080][b]29. Goggles -[/b] In 1-4 beat the helicopter without losing tank (you still lose the take when the helicopter crashes down)[/color]
[color=#000080][b]30. Black and White hat[/b] - Beat 3-1[/color]


Credit goes to David Duffy for his guide, found HERE. I'm fairly certain I unlocked hats ten and eleven without turning gore off, so there may be inaccuracies with some of the descriptions.

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Incorrect info
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I just noticed after trial and error that to unlock hat #24 you MUST destroy the "behemoth-logo building" (the third building from the start with the behemoth chicken outlined on it) USING GRENADES on foot. NOT WITH THE TANK.


Also Didi is incorrect. You must complete the level to keep the hat.



Also for anyone curious, I just did "City Destroyer" by playing Easy Stages 1-1 through the very beginning of 1-4. Not hard at all, but for 1-4 judging by my observation of the hat on this stage (see above) I played it safe and blew up all buildings with grenades instead of the tank.

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