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worth playing/ 1000 difficulty?


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just as the title says..... This game worth playing? if so how long to 1000


Perhaps I'm not the right guy to reply to this, but I really liked and fully completed the game. I would personally rate it 4/5 stars (or 80% if you prefer). Did the main game + DLC, and hope there will be more DLCs on this one.


The achievements are pretty easy. The most difficult part is to find an online community to do the multiplayer achievements with. I had more success finding people on TA than other sites.


It took me 93hrs to complete this one (including DLC), but in theory, the fastest way possible is 25hrs... it all depends on how skilled you are, and the people you're playing with.


Tip: it's better to boost on DLC maps, you don't get annoyed by people playing legit

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