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Easy way to get choke hold freedom

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I just finished this last part and it was the hardest one for me. I just used two controllers to beat realistic coop and noticed that when I used my portable emp and ran past guards they always seem to put me in a chokehold. I had tried searching the splinter cell forum and couldn't find anything so I wanted to pass this on as people seem to have a hard time with it. I used the last coop mission and final chapter entitled airfield and killed everyone with my second profile, then the last guy I would set off the emp and run around him and he would grab me everytime. This didnt work on normal or rookie for me, so I hope this helps.

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i just got it normally throughout the course of the coop campaign but yea that is a really good spot to boost it. or right after you talk to kobin at the airfield bust an emp and then run to a guy to your right by the balcony and when he comes to he will grab you everytime.

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The best way to get this achievment, set up Last Stand mode, heavy armor, any map, start from wave 15, take two contlorers and go on. If you go to your enemy face to face, he will catch you, then kill this guy by your second controler (press A, then shoot) If you are lucky you'll get 3-4 times in a row during the wave, then kill self and replay once again the wave. Try 3-4 times and you'll get challenge :drunk

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Hm... Set up Last Stand mode from wave 15, take two controlers if you want to play alone and go on. When wave starts go to the guy (doesn't matter who, first close to you) face to face and he will catch you, then press A to district him and use your the second controler to kill that guy. If you are lucky you can get 3-4 kills per wave, then easy kill yourself and repeat the wave. That's work for 5 minutes and challenge is yours mate :D

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Thanks for the tip, got it last night same method just slightly different setup mine was:


Split screen co-op Last stand, chose first map wave 1, rookie, full aror on both men.


Wave 1 killed all men as they wouldnt choke hold me at all, wave 2 just kept running into men and they would 7 times out of 10 choke me - took two attempts at wave 2 to get the challenge.


Hope that helps anybody else whos having trouble with this one.


thanks again tho for tips they really did help me get this!

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