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Are the achievements mostly glitched in this game? I know it's been a problem with a lot of these new downloadable 'arcade' type gfwl games. Scared of paying money for any of them really, but since there's not a lot of achievement info for this game I was just wondering if a lot of folks have had problems with it. Thanks...

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This has to be the only GFWL game that doesn't have glitched achievements. Some may confused the achievements as glitched or not unlocking, but you do need an internet connection while saving and earning achievements.


As for Black hole sun:


You have to collapse the system in F2O-3.

This means that you have to launch parts of yourself INTO the attractor. Once the attractor reaches a certain size, the rest of the system will start

to spiral and collapse into the Attractor. However, you have to stay well out of the way of the gravitational pull. The achievement will unlock when

most of the system (apart from you) has been sucked into the attractor. You can restart the level once the achievement has unlocked. You

cannot win after a system collapse. If you miss out on this achievement, just select the F2O-3 level at the menu and try again.


I'm writing up the achievement guide for Osmos, which should be up soon. Cheers. If you have any questions, just post em below and ill help as best i can.

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