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Achievement Guide & Road Map with VIDEOS

llll epic llll

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how much gamerscore for singleplayer achievements?


Do you mean for a single playthrough/playthrough through all 4 difficulties?


60G/70G (if you do both prologues) for story progression. 55G for the difficulty related playthrough-achievements, they don't stack so you need 4 playthroughs. While doing this you'll unlock some random achievements too, which will net you... another 100G? So without grinding and just playing through the game four times, you'll get around 200G, probably a bit more.


If you're willing to grind everything out that is doable solo, you can get a total of approximately 650G, 660G if you have access to Xbox Live.

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This guide/roadmap has been copied over to the Greenbook. This means that it is unfinished/unready to be published, and anybody is welcome to sign up to finish it off!

Each guide will have a brief paragraph describing what is needed to get it done and published.


If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!


If you are the OP, this doesn't mean you can't finish it off on your own, do that and we will remove it from the Greenbook :)


More information on Greenbook practices can be found in the Greenbook FAQ, here.

Sign up here! Now!

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