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Complete Noms de Guerre List


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I have no idea what this means.


"Stealth Assassin - Fire a charged shot from the Energy Gun and hit all targets with the Rocket Launcher 2"


What do you mean hit all targets? This one is the most confusing to me.



When the list says "use X times (until final stage)" what exactly does that mean?


I'm pretty sure that means it must fully deploy to count as a use. (For shield and V device)

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hey I am having the worst time ever unlocking the Cannon master nome de guerre under the VS vital suites category can anyone help by giving information on requirements for this nom. I think the weapon is in 5-3 the big cannon that you shoot at the other ship with, but i have been grinding this level killing everything and played the level over 100 times and the nom wont pop please any information would help. this is my last nom besides number 1 and top 10 and its driving me nuts that i cant get it lol

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can anybody confirm the special noms, NOT being needed for the achievements? and also do the online leader boards ones count toward it? because L.B.'s are not my style and it will sadden me that one of my fav. games just went to crap because of retarded achs requirements. and that i waised 80+ hours on a game i wont stand a chance in getting 1000G for.

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So like... is this achievement to all Noms impossible now? Aren't like all the training missions hacked now with people saying they beat it in like 2 seconds?


Nope. Only Basic Training 1-1 is hacked with 1 seconds. Every other time is legit.

Btw it's not impossible to get the nom. Got mine 2 months ago and since then roughly 10 other people got it aswell (I'm checking the times every now and then)

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