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Guide for trick shots and golf?


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Having trouble with these, has anyone made any guides?

I'm not aware of any guides but there's a lot of good tips in this forum.


My advice is to press back on the trick shots to see the solution the AI has and then try to replicate it. Also the timer in trick shot means nothing, ignore it.


With golf, I recommend you do every course once, THEN go back to try and lower your score if necessary. I spent a lot of time restarting courses to get 1 less shot and when I finished I was well under par so I had wasted a lot of my time.


The time trials I am yet to do but THIS thread has a lot of good tips.

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The Pro Golfer achievement is kinda misleading. Here is what the achievement is for:


Pro Golfer - Come in under par on all the golf tables

You must complete all of the golf tables, but you don't have to get each one under par, just make sure your overall table AVERAGE is under par. I completed with some tables as double bogey and even one was Par +3. Also take your time to setup your shots, very rarely do the default shot settings work, think about how you can put back spin and english on your shots, and shoot lightly in most cases. Red balls you can't hit at all (+2 shots), and yellow balls you can hit but not sink (+1 shot). If you barely touch one red ball or slam and sink all of them in a single shot it doesn't matter it just counts as a single penalty. Because of this I found on some tables (particularly the single ball 4+ par tables) to just plow through the red balls. In those cases the single shot + penalty is better then taking a whole bunch of difficult shots. Doing the table the "right way".


I finally got this achievement today, I completed 2 tables with 4+, some with double bogey, bogey while on the others, I have some hole in one, eagle, birdie and par. So, no, you don't have to complete all the 36 tables under par. You can hit yellow X balls but don't sink them (+1 penalty). As for the red X balls, when you can complete a table with 5-6 shots, simply break and sink all/most of the red balls, you will get a +2 penalty, but at least, it will make the table less difficult (of course, try to sink some of the numbered balls too in the same time).


Good luck!!

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