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Kill Marburg and JJ&E Achievement Solution (SPOILERS)


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I have finally figured it out and wrote down what i did to get this achievement. Simply follow exactly what i did and you will get these no problem. Keep in mind to use all suave options in conversations with Leland. Now remember to search and buy all Intel for all these missions even if your going to skip them for the dossiers. This should take you 5 hours on Easy. I did it on easy cause it was my 7th playthrough trying to figure JJ&E out.


Training Mission

I went through and did all objectives for training. Including Minas Parkers and Darcys extra training objectives. Used all Suave options for all conversations. I think this might matter in some way but not sure how.


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia i started out doing Nasri. Kill his a** right away when you get to him.


I proceeded to bug al samad airfield just ran through gunning everyone down and finished all objectives.


Skipped Jizan Weapons and went right for Shaheed and killed him as soon as i had the chance.



First i killed gelato shop guy right away(first option). There is a second dont know if it matters stick with first to be safe.


Next mission i did Jibril al Bara didnt kill anyone up to Jibril than shot Jibril.




Now comes for your first meeting with conrad. Use all suave options at all times with Conrad (VERY IMPORTANT) even after this meeting.


Now for Madison she calls you through your tv (WICKED AWESOME). Use professional options for this phone call (CAUSE WE WANT SEX RIGHT?). When you go to meet Madison use all suave options there and from then on. Now if you want to go for no time for love you DO NOT have to sleep with Madison as said so by some of the feedback on this thread.


Marburg Villa time. BUY THE INTEL (ITS A MAP CRUCIAL) This is crucial to killing Marburg. Ive heard people say they didnt have his whole dossier but i dunno get it to be safe. Youll start out talking to Marburg (REMEMBER ALL SUAVE). ZAPPPP. Now first Dossier is in Marburgs Office in a safe i believe(not sure forgot so look around bring EMPS to make everything easier). Keep moving til you get towards the end where there is a mounted turret at the end of a hallway DONT GO OUTSIDE YET. from the turret backtrack to hallway you came from door on left 2 computers and some other stuff in video surveillance room. Grab info off computer (2nd Dossier). Last but not least go outside and youll see a hose on your right after stepping down off the patio its a secret entrance with the last dossier at the end of the hallway. You should have marburg at -6 i believe at this point if you followed this step by step.


Warehouse (blow right through it get all items in office)


Ruins (same blow through)


Have sex with the sexy Madison St James (Not important)


Muesum is pretty straightforward. kill kill kill until you get to the choice between east and west wing. before going on theres a door on the right side before the east wing (right). Go in and grab dossier. Now proceed to the East wing to disarm the bombs. When you get to Marburg you should talk. Use all SUAVE options again!!! After convo you should be at -7 -8 with Marburg. Get Marburg to 1/4 health and youll talk again. Use all Suave options and youll taunt him into fighting to the death. YOU NEED ALL DOSSIERS TO KNOW HIS HISTORY ENOUGH TO TAUNT HIM.




Meet Grigori (USED ALL SUAVE)


Lazos Yacht - Kill SIS as soon as the option comes up.


DO NOT DO WEAPONS LEVEL WITH SIE SKIP IT (Now supposedly you can have Sie alive and it'll still work. I've heard many sides to this. So if you want you can do this but to be safe id just say forget it.


Embassy - Albatross will be your handler since you didnt goto SIE. Which in turn will lead to him being the one as your handler on the Brayko mission so you can kill him.


Meet surkhov - Use professional first option and PDA second option.


Brayko Level - Kill Albatross than go towards Brayko. Now very important to remember about this fight is not to kill him right away at end. Use suave options til he tells you about surkhov being Halbechs Russian Contact or whatever than kill his 80's obssessed yet good taste in music punk ass.


Surkhov level again. Kill Championchik than kill Surkhov. right away first option.




Do warehouse level first.


Meet Hong


Go kill triads.


Visit Heck. Now youll get -2 with heck here but you dont want him to sell you out later so dont get under -4. i suggest staying around 0. be nice in the email (suave). other dialog options use suave or aggresive when its not aimed at him. (Afterthought - Now Kwokovich taught me that if you skipped Sie and killed Albatross than it doesent matter what the reputation is at. Didnt test it but im sure hes right, so just have fun with heck. After all hes one of the funnest characters in the game.)


Now hotel time. Kill all guards. you want mina at -8/-10 before end game. She either has to love you or hate you a lot. Get her to hate you alot its easier. Loved alot is not tested. More feedback from people.


Intercept Assassination Data MISSION - Choose riots cause you want Sung to die.


Last level - kill omen deng asap and because you picked riots sung will not survive the assassination.


End Game Time (getting close, can ya feel it)


Skip Cafe/hotel with Scarlet (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)


Choose Heck as your end game handler should be only option if you followed this right.


Tell leland to forget it when he asks you to join halbech. I used professional options this convo and that option popped up, if you piss him off to much he wont ask cause i did that my first playthrough.




Choose to "rescue" mina and when you get to her professional her ass the whole time and than leave her. result is shes dead. if you have her at -8/-10 it should be your only option cause shes so disgusted with you.


Kill Parker quickly cause hes a douce haha. :uzi:


Kill Darcy quickly cause hes also a douche. :uzi:


Fight Leland time. Now after you get to the convo SPARE HIM AT FIRST. Continue talking and using suave and just as your about to leave boom scarlet shoots you. WHAT!?!?!. Now since heck is your awesomely cool somewhat idiotic handler you can choose HECK and he will kill Scarlet. than EXECUTE LELAND.


<THE END> you get JJ&E right after Leland dies if you follow this to the T. Took me 7 playthroughs to get this so your welcome. lol.

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Congratulations!!! Kind of reminds me of something :p Anyways just pointing out you can have -10, +10 or 0 reputation with Heck and Heck will always be your Handler. This is due to the games safety net that you must have a handler at the end (Since you skipped SIE and killed Albatross). Good job by the way:)

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I think my Mina rep cost me my achievement just now. Either that or the fact I met SIE but I think Mina is the actual problem as I had no option to leave her. She was at 7 rep with me. I tried skipping her entirely also and nothing so I shall try again from Taipei and totally piss her off. BTW, you do not need to sleep with Madison at all as I got Marburg killed in Rome (FINALLY) without doing that cause i wanted no time for love.

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I tried so many times and it only worked after sleeping with Madison just wanted to write exactly how I did it. Good update though. Maybe it has to do with doing Rome first maybe it justs simplifies the process. Lemme know how it works out I'd love some more feedback.

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Does't matter if you romance Madison or not. I got the No Time For Love Achievement when I got Judge, Jury, & Executioner.


I also shot up the party @ Al-Bara's, it doesn't matter either.


I met up with SIE and had her as an option to be my handler at the end (although I attacked her at the end of the train yard she liked it), so again not important just as long as either SIE or Albatross die.


It's easy to get Heck as your handler. Make sure he likes you and delete his "data" when he asks.


7 play-throughs that's nuts! I'm on my third play-through now, although had all achievements by 2nd one. However, this is one heck of a game. =)

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Yea no matter how hard i tried marburg always ran away until i switched to doing rome first when i did rome second or third and did the same as above minus madison it just didnt work. it was so frustrating. its actually more like 5 1/2 playthroughs cause i reloaded some checkpoints i made. SIE thing didnt know if it mattered cause if you dont meet her than shes not in the picture i.e. you dont have to kill her.that was my thought keep the feedback coming. this is my first of hopefully many achievement guides to come.

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good guide. feel like I need to point out that you don't actually need to kill Marburg for Judge Jury and Executioner. I had tried to in the same playthrough, but I didn't know the way to piss Marburg off enough until I was almost finished with Saudi Arabia, and by then I had answered Professional in the majority of conversations. when you first talk to Marburg, if you've been mostly pro til then you get +1 with him and suave -1, so I was 2 points higher than I could've been and didn't piss him off enough to get him to fight to the death. went with the rest of my JJ&E playthrough and got the achievement, so Marburg not a requirement.


edit: neither is Mina, I had her at +10 and romanced her AND saved her and still got JJ&E. it's a possibility that if you haven't romanced her and HAVE the option to leave her when you go to her then you need to do that, but when I talked to her we were so close it didn't give me that choice, just saved her.

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edit: neither is Mina, I had her at +10 and romanced her AND saved her and still got JJ&E. it's a possibility that if you haven't romanced her and HAVE the option to leave her when you go to her then you need to do that, but when I talked to her we were so close it didn't give me that choice, just saved her.

Yep with Mina you definetely need either need to romance her or get her to totally hate you. +7 trust and no romance didn't offer me the conversation choice to free her, it just auto untied her. When I got her to hate me, I had the option to leave her and then it popped up to say I had killed her. That secured my achievement.

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In reply to: xxxMaceXxx :

"oh man i reloaded the villa 9 times but the f****** secret way just won''t open up .... besides i searched the whole building for an hour but i couldn't find a single dossier ...."


if you notice at the top i wrote that you need to buy all the intel for all the missions. i say all just to be safe im sure you dont have to for the ones your buying but sometimes they have dossier info in them. As Kat said you need to buy the Villa Map in the Intel section of Clearinghouse before you start the level.

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forgot something
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ubermensch2007 Marburg is in there cause this is a Kill Marburg and JJ&E Achievement Guide. Which we can now change to a No time for love Kill Marburg JJ&E and all the other kill achievements guide. lol. im going to be editing it soon to simplify with all your guys replys. keep em coming. i wish someone who tried this would tell me how it worked for them.

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Buddy, I can't find Mina. I have no idea where she is. I recall on a previous playthrough Westridge talking about her but I ignored him and left her be. Cause I don't like her and left her to die by whoever's hands. I continued using your guide and the achievement didn't appear (YTE did pop - Yea!). So getting to Mina then leaving her must be necessary.


You did a great job, thank you very much for my YTE!!


Ok, I found Mina and you gave us a fantastic walkthrough for these two achievements. I had no trouble following your instructions. Kudos!!

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There was one thing I noticed it's not dossiers it's Intel in Marburg Villa and the first piece of intel is in the phone message in his office seconds in the video surveillance room on the computer that switches off the turrets just before you leave the villa and thirds in the secret room along with two dossier for Marburg and Parker.

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I followed this guide to the T and it worked just fine. Thanks for doing the hard work.


Couple notes:


- You can keep SIE alive (if going for No Time For Love), just do the Weapons level last. Albatross was chosen automatically for Brayko because I had him go with me to the Embassy

- However, having SIE as your handler will not give you JJ&E


- Heck IS required to get JJ&E

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You can't piss surkhov off otherwise you wont be able to visit him after brayko this could be why. So beforehand you positively need to be able to goto his office from what I remember. You must've missed something.


Well there's my problem :p


I was going for the anti social achievement at the time. >_<


I don't know if this has been mentioned here yet but when in Taipei wouldn't it be easier just to visit Heck first so you don't have to deal with the initial -2 rep.

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I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this topic. I was able to finally get Marburg to fight me to the death.


Questions though: Is it possible to do the Taipei stuff before Moscow and still get the JJ&E? From what I gather a big key in Moscow is just to not meet Sie to begin with and respond appropriately to Surkov so Brayko will rat him out when the time comes.

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