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VS pics

Dead Herb

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PTX - 140R Hardballer




GTB - 22 Faze




GTT - 01 Nida




GTF - 11 Drio




GTF - 13F Vensa




GTF - 13M Evax




GAB - 25M Cakti




GAN - 34 Granseed








GAF - 15D Drion




GAN - 36 Osprey




GAH - 42BS Bleed




GAH - 42BSL Baylid




GAF - 14 Fastrey




GAN - 3AM Triseed












Tencale 8


I took these from a few sources thought they might come in handy.

Credit to Zero* for a lot of the pic's.

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There's 3x Evax on Thunderpeal Layout 3 on Team Elimination as are..





3x Cakti


2x Dongo

2x Neegal

Tencale 8


* These 2 are in VS T-ENG boxes and take around 3000 T-ENG to open.


If you are grinding VS Noms I'd recommend taking the Pile Bunker off the Dongo and equipping it on whatever VS your grinding as you get 50 Pile Bunkers! and it usually only takes 1-3 hits to kill anything.

Also most VS's will respawn every 2-3 minutes bar Tencale 8 that takes around 6-7 minutes.

Use the exact same method here..


to do all the above tho obviously switching using plasma nades for whatever VS your grinding also destroy the Evax in between destroying the Cakti while waiting for them to respawn for a few more damage points.


On game type VS Annihilator 1v1 you can get..


VS: Faze: The Great Outdoors

VS: Bleed: The Cube

VS: Triseed: Neos


If you can get 3 players to boost VS Annihilator the odd player can use..


Baylid: The Cube layout 4

Vensa: The Cube layout 4

Fastrey: The Cube layout 3


In VS Annihilator if you set it up with half time on you are looking at around 20k damage per match presuming you destroy the VS leader in the allotted time.


The Nida, Drio, Drion, Osprey and Brocakti VS Noms I'd got playing through the campaign 4x as they're relatively common VS's.

You can use this thread to find out where the VS's are in the campaign..


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Mate i sent you a link to these pics, you pretty much copied and pasted BTHR Zero X.


At least credit the man, lol.


I asked his permission to port em over he was cool with it but I didn't get em all from there + its just nice to have a guide for em on here.

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Some VS's are still missing, such as the VS on 4-3 that shoots the missles out of it's shoulders and the merged VS.


Also, there is a mech that allows you to activate posts while you are in it. Which one is that, and how do you do it?


Ive only posted the VS's needed for the Noms and the "Brocakti" VS is just the Granseed + Cakti merged so a pic of the 2 merged seemed pointless.



Try that for VS post activating.

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^There is no way that the VS that shoots missles from its shoulders is a Nida, it looks much more like the Granseed. Also, how do you activate the post on a Drio? If you press B, you hop out of the VS.


PS- I didn't know that this was for Noms since there was no mention of that anywhere, as well as the credit to BTHR Zero X for providing you with 90% of the pics. I was using these pics as a guide to determine what VS operating manuals went to which VS.

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Trust me the VS in 4-3 is the Nida and to activate the Data Post in the Drio/Nida click in the Left Thumb Stick and Press B


This is a Pic of the Drio with the Missiles from MP



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