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Guide to Starting Your Own Room

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The online portion for this game was half-assed, and the people at EA don't care. Therefore there is really only one way to start your own room. To start your own room in this game there has to be no other rooms open for you to join. Starting your own room in this game is very convient because that means you are the host. That means you will not lag at all, but everyone else will lag becuase the network code for this game is half-assed. Host Advantage in this game is even greater than in Gears of War and you will pretty much dominate everything that moves when your host. Anyways enough rambling.


Heres a quick guide. (Not guaranteed that you'll always be able to start your room)


Option A

- Play at a time of day when you think not to many people will be on

- Get the people you want to play with together in a party

- Have them each add a split-screen guest

- Have one person in your party on the game browser screen

- Have them set their filter on a particular game type (avoid searching on any)

- Have them constantly refresh until it says there are no games available

- If it does say that, then have everyone in your party go to quick match and search for a game in that particular gametype

- One of you if not all of you should get your own room


Option B

- Do everything I said up above, but if the person who is refreshing the gametype never sees that there are no matches available, there is another way

- Have that person keep on refreshing until they only see games that are mostly full

For example, if you see three rooms available when you refresh and each room has 7/8 or 9/10, have everyone join

- The reason why you had each person add a guest was to fill up rooms so someone else could start their own room, or to start your own room if the current rooms doesn't have a enough space for you and your guest


I for the life of me couldn't figure out how to start my own room, so I hope this little guide helps. Last night I was on around 1:00 am and nobody was playing on control or warzone so it seems like that would be a good time to boost or get friends together to play.


One last thing:


If you do get into your own room, you can remove your guest at anytime without going back to the main menu. All you have to do is sign the guest out. You also can add a guest in at anytime by just signing the guest in. This is probably the most convient feature in this game. Just make sure that you DO NOT quit the game when you are trying to remove your guest. I repeat, just sign the guest out using the guide button.


One more last thing:


Two kits that I recommend using when playing online are Close Combat Kit 2 and Sniper Kit 1


Close Combat Kit 2 as the pump shotty when aimed at the head is an instant kill at close range


Sniper Kit 1 has the VSS sniper which is a fast shooting sniper. Most people just spam shots with that in hopes of getting a head shot because of the non existant recoil. It takes like 3 shots to the body to kill someone with it, and 1 shot to the head.

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