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Hu Lao Gate - Bi Xie?!?

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I've played every Dynasty Warrior game since DW2 was a release title on the PS2. I know the strategy of Hu Lao Gate - avoid Lu Bu and just accomplish the main objective.


Ok, this time, the objective is to take out that huge weapon thingie, guarded by Diao Chan, and Zhang Liao...and Lu Bu.


So...how do you do it? Even if I manage to use my strike force to take out Diao Chan and Zhang Liao, I can't put a dent into Bi Xie. I even tried using a lantern and sniping at it with a bow, but I can't do anything to it. Heck, my arrows don't even hit unless I'm right next to it, which pretty much means I die.


I'm using Guan Yu who's at level 16.


I'm even playing on Easy, and it's still kicking my ***.


Am I missing something here, or does this game require some serious grinding just to get anywhere?

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Well, you could use Gongs to boost your attack power. Staying up against the wall to his far left or right and shooting arrows will keep you out of range of most, if not all, attacks thrown at you (unless Lu Bu comes down to get personal).


Alternatively, you could just jump online with a bunch of higher-leveled players, pick Hu Lao Gate and have them stomp out Bi Xie for you, or you could see if they'd be willing to trade some of their higher-leveled characters to you and you can bring them with you on singleplayer.


Admittedly, it is kind of bunk that such difficult challenges are thrown at you so early in the game. I think Chapter 2 was probably the most difficult for me besides the final chapter.

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I'm sort of surprised there wasn't a thread about this already on this board. Many other game sites (including Koei's) have huge threads about this stupid level.



* Level 15 or better. I read some folks doing this at level 12, but I barely did it with a level 17 Zhao Yun. YYMV, I guess.


* Choose your character and weapon carefully. Pikes and bows are bad against large weapons. Therefore, using Guan Yu was a bad idea.


* Take out the tiger cages - tigers are annoying.


* Take out Diao Chan and Zhang Liao. Use your strikeforce as cannon fodder - they have infinite lives, you do not.


* Take out Lu Bu. Yes, I know. This goes against the advice in every other DW game out there. However, he won't take too kindly to you beating on Bi Xie. He's still quite powerful and will kill you if you aren't careful. Again, let your strikeforce deal with him for the most part. In fact, my strikeforce actually killed him while I was whacking away at Bi Xie.


* Buy buns to keep your health up.


It's still annoying that this level is so difficult so early on.

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I didn't see this posted anywhere else, so i'll drop it here.


All of the "monster" class enemies have retarded amounts of life, and high defenses. There are two ways to take them out:


1) The safe way/ long way - Use a ranged weapon (bow) to target the boss, and hammer away it from a safe location (the sides of the boss for Xi Bie, as the flames won't hit you). This is the easiest way for an underlevelled character to take him out.


2) The harder way/ fast way - Every boss has multiple target points on their body. Hit the Right Stick and move it around and you'll see what I mean. Additionally, these bosses have "weak" points that take more damage. For Xi Bie, it's the horns on his head. A lower level character will take a lot more damage as he frequently does a lightning based attack from his horns to knock you away (should be safe from the fire though)


For any boss, the easiest way to determine if you're hitting their weak point is if they reel back after a couple of good combos. This basically gives you an additional couple of seconds to pull off freebie combos

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Creatures wouldn't be so ridiculously hard to deal with if they didn't follow the regular weapon rules. This means using a bow & arrow against them, while "safe", will take a ridiculously long time. So if want to go the fast/dangerous route, you're basically stuck with those characters whose primary weapons are strong against heavy weapons, like Zhen Ji, Wei Yan, and a few others.


The weak point tip also has bit of a caveat to it in that if you target it, you'll often miss because the target reticle is often in the wrong spot, and/or since the creature is moving, your projectiles will miss altogether.


For Bie Xie, yes, his horns are his weak point. Don't use targetting. Hop on his head (even with bow and arrow!) and bash away until he's down to about 10-15% health. You'll know you're there because the horns will be broken. Then his weak point is his face.


For Dong Zhou's pet, Tian Lu, his weak point is NOT his body as the target shows! Instead it's the horns on his head. You'll have to hop up and stay on the back of his head to hit them.


Then there are the guardians. For the tiger guardian, it's his face. Wait for him to stop moving, then get in his face and whack him to death. For the Phoenix, it's the claws and tail. For the dragon, it's the back of the head, and his hip. Once again the reticles will cause you to miss these so you'll have to eyeball it by yourself. Finally, for the battle of the birds, the cursed things move too much and too fast to actually use their weak points. It took me 20 minutes of sniping with a bow to actually kill both of them.


This could have, and should have, been a neat addition, but the whole rock-paper-scissors weapon idiocy combined with the broken targeting system makes it more of an annoyance than anything else.

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i found the easiest way for me was to take out zhang liao and diao chan and close the cages, after that target lu bu and hit a few times and jump off before bi xie does his electricity thing this will make lu bu come after you for a few seconds. this is the point you try keep with close to you without going back on the giant weapon thing, if he does go back rinse and repeat. thats how i got him. and another thing, use a weapon thats under staff category because those are the best ones to use against weapons =]


hope that helps

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Why is everyone surprised that Hu Lao Gate is too hard of a level for where in the story it's located; it's like that for every Dynasty Warriors title! Only this time, the real threat isn't necessarily Lu Bu for once lol


But amuro98 pretty much got it down right; that's how I did it, too. And I even used Huang Zhong, a bow character. It took awhile of grinding, but it was possible.

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