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I'd like to work on the achievement guide but the game isnt out for another month.


Thanks for moving my post. This was locked.


I was hoping to work on one but you beat me to it :(


Anyway, these are awsome Achievements and this game will kick ass :)

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Im actually really disappointed. This just looks too easy. There are no really challenging ones and some of them look kinda boring. I was really hoping for a long, arduous set of testing achievements that would keep me playing this game for ages. But this is the total opposite! Oh well, I'll still get it for its sheer awesomeness but i think the achievements are a missed oppotunity.

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I like the list...except..... I am not a big fan of achievements that require more than one or two play-troughs...so the karma ones seem a bit annoying if thats how they are unlocked.


I think its going to be similar to oblivion in the fact that it will just take along time but most will be easy enough to get by playing through the countless hours of game-play....similar to the achievements for each guild and main story in oblivion

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I think the reason they've gone for generic quest completions, rather than specific ways' of completing them is due to them not trying to mandate HOW you play the game? Okay, so some of the missions may mean you're seen are more evil or benevolent just for completing them; but most apparently allow you to do it in your own style: tech knowledge, FPS/shooter skills, stealthy skills or even talk your way through things.

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Im not sure if this is the right place to post this question but its about an achievement so i figured i would ask.


Im just wondering exactly what the super mutant behemoths look like, if anyone has seen a picture of what they look like and how big they are.


if this isnt the right place i should post this then i apologize.

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Seems like a nice, fun list. I like RPG lists when they're fun lists.


Mass Effect's list = NOT fun.


Are these all of the side quests? Please answer no. I hope there are more side quests than these.


Well, Oblivion(same developer) had similar achievements regarding quest completions, but still had dozens of other side-quests which had no effect on your gamerscore.

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This is the kind of achievement list that will make the game more enjoyable for me. I can do as I please and know that I will be rewarded constantly as I progress through the story. When I want to explore and muck about, I shall... and when the achievement whore in me starts to nag, I can burn through the story.


Often in Oblivion I would stop getting achievements because I got swallowed up by the sheer magnitude of the freedom available to me. I was still having oodles of fun... but I like achievements too. I had to kick myself in the arse and concentrate of the main story missions to get my gamerscore more in line with someone who invested a ton of time into the game.


I think because of that I disconnected a bit from the world and the story... but if I had continued on at my previous pace, I'd maybe finish Oblivion's main and guild quests sometime in 2020. All in all, achievement lists like this are the perfect balance for me.

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