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Campaign VS Location Guide

Wry Guardian

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Alright this is a vital suit guide for people who want to boost damage for VS without having to play online multiplayer games (ranked or unranked) to do so, or for those who just want to have some fun blowing up stuff. The location is coded as Episode-Chapter-Area.


GTF-13F Vensa

1-1-2 In the Akrid Gauntlet in front of the cliff face, lying on the ground.

1-2-2 Near the beginning of the area, just before the 2 small wooden bridges.

1-2-3 After killing the Queen there's 2 of them past Data Post 2.

1-3-1 Located near the end of the area, to the right of the Gate Switch, in a warehouse.

4-1-3 Located directly across from the Cakti and directly to your left as you approach the bridge that the Cakti is guarding.

4-4-2 Located below the large spire across the bridge.


GTT-01 Nida

1-0-1 In the Prologue you start with this VS.

1-2-2 Somewhere at the halfway point, across the small wooden bridges, located near Data Post 2. It cannot be missed. Just go across the left bridge and it will be right in front of you.

2-3-3 Located directly across from where you start. It has a VS Shotgun and Pile Bunker.

2-4-1 Located in the top left corner of the area from the starting point.

3-3-1 Located on one of the open train cars, it can't be missed.

4-1-3 Towards the end of the level, when you see a Cakti across the bridge, after killing the 5 Zebet turrets mounted on the ceiling, go to the right. It is lying on the ground with a rocket launcher attached to it.

4-3-3 Located below the second Power Switch for the lightning barriers. Jump off the cliff that is in front of the Drion. This one has a Dual Shoulder missile battery.

4-4-2 Located underneath the Osprey that you need to get across the bridge gap.


GTF-11 Drio

1-3-3 Can be found in the middle of the triangle formed by the 3 Data Posts. It is lying on the ground, so you'll need to look closely. It is also right in front of where Gordiant appears out of the water, so DON'T GET STEPPED ON!!

2-3-3 Before the massive VS fight, it can be found in a side compartment directly across from you as you cross the bridge and an enemy Drio charges at you.

4-4-1 After you kill the Cakti and climb the ladder, it is to the right, beside a tower that has a rocket launcher guy on top of it. Also found in the area with the Jellons and Defolma. It is located on the cliff above the water level to your right.


GTN-A01 Turntable

4-2-1 Located right beside Data Post 1.

5-2-2 During the battle with Baiztencale there are 3 of them on the front of the Overland Battleship.


GTN-A01N Turntable

1-2-3 After killing the Queen there are 2 of them overlooking the reservoir. One is directly above the 2 Vensa on the top of the structure, and one is right next to Data Post 3 on a metal platform.

3-3-1 During the battle with Red Eye, they can be found on the lower sections of the Railway Gun.

4-2-2 Located to the right of the docked sub by 2 enemy Nidas

4-3-1 Located at the top of the NEVEC base, right above Data Post 4.

Throughout the whole of Episode 5 these can be found on the top-rear section of the Overland Battleship.

6-1-2 These can be found beside Data Post 3.


GAN-34 Granseed

4-3-1 Just above where you start, located above the bunker entrance that leads to Data Post 1. There is another one inside the NEVEC base just below and ahead of Data Post 4. And a third one is located to the far left of where you spawn, among some bunkers.


PTX-140R Hardballer

4-3-2 Just past the second Power Switch for the lightning barriers and just before the second Tencale. It cannot be missed and is right beside Data Post 4. There is another one in this area that is located across from Data Post 5 illuminated by fire, this one also cannot be missed.

6-2-2 You have to pilot it to fight the Brocakti and a large number of Granseeds and Hardballers. If you lose the one you are piloting there are many more along the wall. each with a Gatling Gun and VS Rocket Launcher.

6-3-2 During the battle with Undeep, it can be found just ahead of the Data Post buried in snow.


GAH-42BS Bleed

1-3-2 There is one that spawns right in front of you in the second part of the mission. There is another one that is found right behind where the Drio smashes through a door on the other side of the bridge.

1-3-3 Can be found right below Data Post 2. Beware, as it is in Gordiant's path and you may get stepped on.

2-4-1 Can be found along the wall where the Railway Gun used to be, and lying on the ground right underneath the bridge where it is broken.

4-3-1 Located right behind the 3 Bleeds that come out to attack you.

4-3-2 Located right in front of the first Tencale, lying on the ground.

4-4-1 Cannot be missed, found near the beginning of the level in the area Vital Fortress starts at. You’ll be staring right at 2 of them as you walk into this area.

4-4-2 It is located right underneath the Osprey you need to lower the bridge, and located to the left of your spawn point. There is also one right beside the bridge controls, and another opposite the bridge controls.

6-1-2 Can be found all over the area. There is one above and to the left of where you spawn, one far to the right of where you spawn, across the large gap, and one right next to where you spawn.


GAN-3AM Triseed

4-4-1 Located inside a T-Eng container at the bottom of the large precipice drop when you see the two Dabula. (They resemble massive underwater snakes)

4-5-2 Can be found almost directly underneath the Control Post you need to activate to trigger the battle with Vital Fortress. It is underneath the platform, right beside a large scaffolding pipe. If you jump off the platform a little left of the Control Post, turn left and swim. You should see it.

6-1-2 Found in a T-Eng container inside the superstructure of the space station. It is just after the Cyclops floating above a gap in the bridge and to your left.


GAH-41BSL Baylid

4-5-1 It can be found in a room to the right of the door that the two Akrid Sentries come out of.


GAN-36 Osprey

3-3-1 During the battle with Red Eye, it is located on one of the last train cars still attached to the Railway Gun.

4-4-2 Required to fly across the gap and lower the bridge. It cannot be missed. Once you see the raised bridge, turn to the right, and it is on a landing pad.


GAF-15D Drion

1-3-2 Can be found in a pit towards the top right corner of the map if looking at it from the side of the bridge you start on.

2-4-1 Located against the wall where the Railway Gun was, next to 2 Bleeds.

4-3-2 Located right next to the second Power Switch for the lightning barriers. Cannot be missed.


GAB-25M Cakti

4-3-2 To the left of the second Power Switch for the lightning barriers, inside a cave ahead of the Drion.


GAN-34W Brocakti

4-3-2 You must take a Granseed with you from Area 1, and find the Cakti mentioned above, then merge the two together. This is just before the second Tencale. It cannot be formed in splitscreen.


GAF-14 Fastrey (Thanks to Dead Herb for this information)

4-4-2 Can be found just past the Osprey you need to fly across the raised bridge with.

5-1-1 You start this level on this VS.

6-2-1 There are many scattered around this area between the 5 posts.


GTF-13M Evax (Thanks to Dead Herb for this information)

Basic Training 4


GTB-22 Faze (Thanks to CK Bigbang for this information)

Basic Training 4


Please note that the GAN-37 X-Seed, Dongo Gear, Battle Neegal and Tencale 8 may only be found in online multiplayer maps. Some VS will not be found in their locations if playing on a difficulty higher than easy. For those 4 above mentioned VS I recommend Thunderpeal for boosting damage. All 4 of them can be found on Thunderpeal.

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GAF-14 Fastrey

5-1-1 You start this level on this VS.

6-2-1 There are many scattered around this area between the 5 posts.


Nice guide btw ")


Whoops lol, didn't know the Fastrey had Noms for it. Thanks. :D

Oh and a Fastrey can be found in 4-4-2 as well right near the Osprey.


the Faze is also in Basic Training 4 and you can use that to boost the damage


Rofl. I didn't play the training missions cuz I sucked terribly at them. Thanks. :)

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