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GTA Vice City Arcade Game Confirmed


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I seen that R* had got Vice City re-rated in Australia, but I thought it had got confirmed later as just another PC re-release.


Ahh, just read the article.

It actually doesn't confirm it btw.



This is on Kotaku and what I meant about the update thinking it was just another PC release.


UPDATE - While the game is set for a re-release in the near future, it's not as exciting as I got to speculating before. Rockstar's re-rating is down to "back catalogue PC business", re-submitted to the Classification Board "as part of ongoing work with history products".

It's strange to be doing this - I have an Australian budget copy on the shelf in front of me, and it's already been rated - but hey, Rockstar work in mysterious ways.

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I really hope this gets released. I don't care if it costs 2000MSP, I want it!



o i saw this a couple days ago, its not comfirmed just on a list to get re-rated by the austrailian board or whatever


if they do do this... where the hell is San Andreas ya yerks (i know its on games on demand but £19.99 wth)


No, it's about £12 on Games on Demand. Anyway, San Andreas sucked.

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