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The spelling judgment is found in the Authorized Version of the Bible. As a result, it is the preferred spelling in a legal context throughout the common law world.

In a non-legal context, however, the situation differs between countries. The spelling judgement (with e added) is common in the United Kingdom in a non-legal context, possibly because writing dg without a following e for the /dʒ/ was seen as an incorrect spelling. The spelling judgement without the e is however often listed first and in any case without comment or regional restriction in major UK dictionaries.[1][2][3] In the context of law and theology, judgment is always preferred. In the U.S., judgment strongly prevails in all contexts. In Canada and Australia, in a non-legal context both forms are equally acceptable, although judgment is more common in Canada and judgement in Australia.[1] However, in a legal and theological context, judgment is the only correct form. In New Zealand the form judgment is the preferred spelling in dictionaries, newspapers and legislation, although the variant judgement can also be found in all three categories. In South Africa, judgement is the more common form. See further at American and British English spelling differences.

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