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fireworks achievements not glitched just poorly written


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This method worked for me as well. Loaded up episode 1 ch 2 got to the part were you had to destroy the wall. I guess I had had some kills already because i just needed to do this twice an cheevo unlocked. Thanks to poster and all feedbackers for there help




I also wanted to add that killing the flying guys for me did not help in getting this cheevo Im certain i had over 40-60 kills on them and they were all in they air when I killed them

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Man, if this is actually true after hours of spamming grenades, I'll be PISSED.


360: Kill 10 airborn enemies using grenades

PS3: Kill 10 enemies by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air


Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to make them different?! Thanks Married2Mary, this will definitely end the glitched achievement worries ;)


Right people just to explain this achievement a little bit better as no one seems to have figure it out.


If you do a firework kill correctly you get a special death animation where the enemy's head pops off and explodes like a firework with their headless body falling to the ground. You need to see this death animation 10 times for the achievement to pop. It only works on the basis type watchers units and their colour variates and no others.


You need to make sure that the grenade blows up mid air near their head to make this happen, if the grenade is too close however it will just kill the enemy out right, I got it down to being able to do it with 1/3 enemies, timing is a bit of a pain for this.


In short you need to hold the grenade and throw it just before it blows so it will blow in mid air. Once I figured this out the achievement was easy to get but it does take some practice and a few extra kills.


Remember if their head doesn't shoot off like a firework, that enemy will not count towards the achievement.


[Edit] Would be great if someone could make a video of the needed death animation sadly I can't capture video to show you.

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I was struggling with this one, having repeated the kills when you first get the dynamite. I must have killed at least 20...


I restarted a campaign, and played through until I got to the same section where you first get the grenades. I then started killing everything with airbourne grenades and got this after 5 further kills. None of my grenade kills were on airbourne enemy. :woop:

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Here's how I got it:


I read in another forumthread that someone got i from killing Knights(those big flying things with the tail) and that they replayed the WHOLE 1-5 Village Attack just to get 3 Knight-kills.


The first time you encounter a Knight in "Village attack" you get a checkpoint just before, so I figured "shouldn't you be able to kill it with a grenade, kill yourself and repeat?", so I started doing that but got insecure after 6-7 kills and started doing the method mentioned in this thread with the blowing the door-thing. It didn't work for me so I went back to killing Knights by rinsing and repeating at "Village Attack". 2 kills later it popped! That proves that rinsing and repeating works and doesn't need a checkpoint or anything to save the kills since I killed 7 and 1 more for the "Big Bang"-achievement. 2+1+7=10! HA!


So, here's my method:




1.Start up 1-5 "Village Attack" on Casual and make sure you select the "Disintegrator" as one of you weapons.

2. Kill the puny 3 droids with melee(it's quicker) and continue over the bridge.

3. After the cutscene a Knight will rise from the abyss(....yeah, man!).

4. Shoot it with the Disintegrator until it does a recoil move, that means it's hurt.

5. Shoot it TWICE, and only twice more with the Disintegrator and it will start bleeding blue gas.

6. Cook the grenade and throw it close to him, making him explode in glorious... exlosioning(...?)

7. Take a deep breath and take a leap of faith into the abyss from hence the Knight came from, killing you.

8. You will start right back up right in front of the rising Knight.

9. Repeat until it's 10 times and I hope you get the achievement.


/ NekoHenke

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