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HoneyComb Location Guide


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If this is not needed please feel free to delete it.


Spiral Mountain:


HoneyComb #1: From your house run forward and jump into and swim under the water around the mountain and it is inside an alcove in the mountain.


HoneyComb #2: Head to the left from your house to the area with many tree stumps and you will see it in plain sight on top of the far back and right stump, simply backflip to reach it.


HoneyComb #3: Head right from your house and you'll come upon a garden with a cauliflower enemy floating around, defeat it to claim your piece.


HoneyComb #4: From the stump area follow the path around to the left and towards the waterfall. You will notice platforms leading up to the waterfall and the piece on one of them. Simply jump from platform to platform to reach it.


HoneyComb #5: From the stump area follow the path around and to the left towards the waterfall again but stop at the bridge. To your right is a tree and the piece is above it, simply climb the tree and backflip to reach it.


HoneyComb #6: From the garden area follow the path to the right to an area with four boulders. Beak Bust all four and the piece will be in the last one. (it doesn't matter what order you choose.)




Mumbo's Mountain:


HoneyComb #1: Head up to Mumbo's Hut and you'll find JuJu the Totem Pole. Fire eggs into JuJu's mouth to lower him to the ground one section at a time. After removing all but one of his segments, backflip on top of him and backflip again to grab this honeycomb.


HoneyComb #2: Head to the giant ant hill and look down towards the water below, there is an alcove where the honeycomb rests in the mountainside. Simply jump down and try to aim for it, if you miss just aim for the water for safety. Simply trial and error here.


Treasure Trove Cove:


HoneyComb #1: Head forward and to the left from the starting area to reach Nipper. from him head right hugging the wall and enter the water. WARNING: Snacker will come after you as soon as you jump in so be ready to swim or defeat him (four rear fired eggs or jump at him with invulnerability). Continue hugging the wall as you enter the water and you will see it below in the corner.


HoneyComb #2: Facing the ship from the beginning of the level head to your right and follow the beach, after passing the giant column out in the water you will see a crate floating out in the ocean with the honeycomb on top. Simply swim out and retrieve it, beware of snacker.


Clanker's Cavern:


HoneyComb #1: Head into the level and stand on clanker's back facing the same way he is. Walk down his left fin and jump onto the platform with the Shock Jump Disc. Defeat the creature guarding it and use the disc to jump up and to the left to grab onto a pole. Climb the pole and jump up to the slide-looking structure, at the end you will notice a platform with a grate in the top. Slide down the slide but jump about halfway and aim for the platform. Beak Bomb through the grate and you will fall onto it.


HoneyComb #2: Following the instruction from #1, as you reach the shock jump disc stop and go right. You will notice a small pipe hanging into the water, simply jump into the water and swim under and into the pipe to retrieve this one.


Bubblegloop Swamp:


HoneyComb #1: Head to the center of the level (A platform filled with small stump-like structures), and look to your right. You will see a giant turtle, beak bomb all four flippers (limbs) and he will open his mouth, go in and go to the conductors podium. Simply jump on it and backflip to recieve your piece.


HoneyComb #2: Head to Mumbo's Hut and go inside, you will notice 4 pillars around Mumbo, simply jump on top of the one that in not on fire and climp up to the circular platform. You will see it in the center of the ceiling as you simply jump and glide to reach it.


Freezeezy Peak:


HoneyComb #1: You will need to get the Aerial Beak Bomb to get this piece. It is taught by bottles in this level so dont worry. From the presents by bottles use the flight pad and fly over to the Snowman on an island close to Mumbo's Hut. Aerial Beak Bomb the red "x" on his hat to defeat him and reveal your piece.


HoneyComb #2: Head to Mumbo's hut and transform into the Walrus. Head around and to the right to Wozza the Walrus' cave and go inside. In the back, go into the water and through a tunnel it will lead you to your piece in the open.


Gobi's Valley:


HoneyComb #1: Facing Jinxy (the banjo faced monument) Head right,hugging the wall behind you and go behind the nearby pyramid. You will notice a switch with a picture on a honeycomb on it, beak bomb it and your piece will appear in a cactus. Climb up onto jinxy's back and use the flight pad to fly through the cactus and claim whats yours.


HoneyComb #2: After you have rescued Gobi and recieved a jiggy from him, climb up jinxy's back and face in his tail's direction you will see an alcove in the wall to the right. You can either ride the magic carpet to it or fly. You will find Gobi, but this time you must beak Bomb his back to make him spit up your...reward.


Mad Monster Mansion:


HoneyComb #1: Climb up to the second floor and go around to the left to open the lit up window. Do not go in yet, but instead go to Mumbo's and transform into a pumpkin. Head out and to the left to find a ramp, climb it and hop across the ivy walls to reach the second floor again. Jump into the same window and squeeze under the open floorboards to reach it.


HoneyComb #2: After you have pressed the switch and used the running shoes to enter the church, climb the organ and use the flight pad located on the unlit torch to get up to the rafters. Your piece will be floating in plain sight.


Rusty Bucket Bay:


HoneyComb #1: Go to the smoke stack (giant pillar on the boat) and bust the door down to get inside. After reaching the bottom floor, you'll notice a honeycomb shaped hole above the entrance to the next room. Simply backflip up and inside to get your piece.


HoneyComb #2: This one is often missed and hard to spot. From the level entrance, head left and over the building to the bouy that holds the yellow jinjo. If you use your close up camera you'll notice a hole in the wall in front of you underwater. Swim down and inside. in the back of this room you'll find a switch to beak bomb that will make your piece appear, use the flight pad to fly up to it.


Click Clock Wood:


HoneyComb #1: Enter the Winter season and climb the tree until you reach the squirrel's house. Walk up and around the ramp across from his door and use the flight pad. Above the squirrels front door is a window, aerial beak bomb it and head inside. Climb the pile of nuts in the back and jump up the platforms to reach your piece.


HoneyComb #2: Again in Winter, head over to the giant flower and stand on the frozen water. You will notice a hole in the ice, jump in and head quickly to the beaver's house (you can quickly drown down here so be careful). Once inside you will find your piece on top of a shelf.


If I have made any mistakes please message me or comment them below and I will change them as soon as I can. Good Luck!

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