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how many kills did it take you to get "Seriously ..."?


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i agree with jayzilla how the hell did u do this in 6 days unless u played it non stop for all six days which i dont think is humanly possible but hell if u wanna give away ur strat ill b happy to hear it


anyways what im thinking is starting from 0 doing the suicide method u can do it in 6 days however, thats 37 kills every 22minutes roughly so to get 10000 kills thats at least 100 hours give or take a few so yes u could do this in six days given that there are 24 hours a day (24 x 6 = 144) leaving you with 44 hours to rest and or sleep eat ext. so this means you get a total of 7 1/3 hours a day to rest inorder to get to 10,000 but because of EPIC failing on the whole 10,000 thing if u needed 13,000 or something there goes ur rest time and u must have a gears playing robot and if so tell me where i can buy one :p


anyway good job dude

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Wow, I hope I get mine around 10,000 - 13,000 kills.


Otherwise I'll never get it! Hell no!!! I'm not doing 23K!!!!


I don't know what I have, maybe 1,000. lol




Is Warzone the most gauranteed method for kills to count? And I heard kills in Annex don't count? WOW!

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