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how many kills did it take you to get "Seriously ..."?


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If anyone has any concrete evidence on what kills count I would love to hear it. The best that I can find is that all kills made in Warzone/Execution count UNTIL the first person drops out of the match. So if you start with 8 and go to 7 all kills prior to that drop out count and all after do not count towards seriously. If you start with 6 then when you go to 5 they stop counting. All kills no matter when count towards the leaderboards and totals. This is why the kills would be so much higher than 10k when the achievement would finally pop. I have started another account and I'm testing this data to prove it's legitness. I'm open to any other possible suggestions for calculations if you have them. Hope this helps you guys figure out why it's taking so long.

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Doing mine on-and-off legit took me almost 2 years. I got the game in late November of '06 and got the achievement in September of '08 at about 10,040 kills. And I know all the shit about people saying that >6 players, kill stealing, or people leaving doesn't count towards kills is totally false. I had over 100 games where people left and I still was only 40 off for the achievement (and I stole probably 100ish kills by accident)


Still not sure what causes the glitch. It will forever be a mystery.

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Final count in Warzone 12,237 on 4/6/11 Seriously unlocked!!!! Had an additional 26 kills in Execution and 1 kill in Assassination. Started back on Emergence Day (launch day) but most kills came from 2/15/11-4/6/11 (11,300 more or less) when I started double Xbox spawn boosting. Note I had roughly 100 kills total all game types before last year ( I mostly played private matches with friends rather than ranked games back then), and finished last year off around 980 kills mostly going for weapon achievements. I played 244 total games, but 80+ of those where in Assassination boosting for Series of Tubes (50 host) achievement while 156 of those where in Warzone.


Educated guesses on why the extra 2,300 kills would be


A) I moved 2nd profile to new Xbox (via USB flash drive) just shy of 1000 kills w/out moving over my save file

B) Was on the recieving end of a little over half of Grenade tags while either double box or suicide boosting. Several hundred I'm sure. Anywhere between 500 and 1000

C) Kills earned after someone dropped out from match. A few hundred, no more than 400


These would make 12,000+ fairly accurate IMO and it popped about where I expected it (thank goodness)


I can 100% confirm that at least kills earned before drop count. A buddy of mine running 4 boxes while I ran 2 had all three of his dummy accounts drop from the game while he was up 16-0 in 19 round match. Since we lost half the players I told him to just end the match at 19-0, after doing so Seriously popped for him at roughly 16,880 kills, so obviously some of those kills counted.


Another friend I was boosting with said his friends boosting account (which his gf mostly played) did NOT do any suicide boosting. Other then weapon kill achievements she mostly used nothing but the shotgun and got Seriously @ 10,050 kills. She also had very few if any drop out issues. I realize that this is hearsay but I believe it to be true.


Sadly we will likely never know exctly what does/doesnt count towards Seriously but figure I would pass along my findings and suspicions to hopefully help others with this achievement

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I have to eventually complete Gears Of War achievements. And when I saw this one I'm like OMG I'll never be able to do it! Honestly, you people get it easily. I get 1-2 kills per rounds and I get bored so fast. Anyone got any tips to make it faster?

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i´m already at 14.5k kills and still nothing.

100% of my kills were boosted, with very few connection drops throughout the process.

this achievement is driving me mad.


edit: now at 15.7k kills and no achievement yet :(


edit 2: finally unlocked at 16.451 warzone kills. finally my struggle is over :)

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