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Does anyone still play this game online?


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I logged onto online for the past 3 days and have found absolutely nobody online. Does anyone still play online?


I know there is an achievement trading thread, but I figured a new thread might find someone interesting in working together to get the 3 online achievements.


Message gamertag: haZZmaTTaZZ if you are SERIOUSLY interested in investing the time it takes to get these. I sure am!




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Got the online achievements thanks to hellfire. Noticed that there were a few people playing fri afternoon (eastern), so maybe there's method to the madness in finding someone. Takes about 2 hours for 2 people to get all onlines using Leap of Faith race for the career one. Just make sure each has their own race set up to start.

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I wish more people played this online still, it's fun to make up races that send you flying over steep declines and such. Shame the game died out so fast


They were going to come out with some DLC but when it didnt really take of they decided to drop it.


I play online sometimes but i dont have gold all the time and when i do i try and get online achievements for other games instead. I dont have the hours it takes to boost all the online fuel achievements.

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