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Achievements are released and looking good too! Great to see not many multiplayer ones but there is coop which is great imo.


Well cooperation is better than fighting IMO. Playing as a team is more fun and relaxing.


The achievement list raised my desire to get this game. Looks like AC6 develop really listened to fans' opinions about online achievements.

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Yay, glad there is no muilt achievements that require grinding, most of these look fun and co-op is even better. I was going to wait until after i finished all the big name games like battlefield and Skyrim before picking this up, but i'm tempted to buy it day one, looks like a well rounded game.

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I just hope the achievements are a little better than the previous outing, some of those were ridiculous, I mean completing the entire game using only your machine guns ?!


And to put the whole thing in scope, that wasn't an achievement in itself, just one of the many requirements for the All Medals cheevo... :)

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first of all, it's not designed to be a flight simulator, if you want it that way, go play lock-on on pc.


Ace Combat is just some kind of arcade STG + some sense of simulation game. It fits both.


Still it's pretty good to see some changes to the series.


Also, anyone noticed? There is no difficulty related achievement? So I guess there might be either no difficulty level or the difficulty level does not matter?

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I'd say the difficulty will determine the in game unlockables like all the Ace Combats from 4 and up. 6 on the highest difficulty had named enemy Aces on each level to take down.


I like the old challenges in 6, like finishing the game using the gun only and getting all S ranks on all missions on all difficulties. It wasn't as hard as I though it would be to get all the medals in AC6.


I just hope Ace Combat does not start to get too arcadey, it had a nice balance up till now.


I hope AC7 goes back to the old style with it's own game word and this AH series set in the real world is like the Bad Company series in the Battlefield games and acts as a spinoff.

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Yes, ace combat 6 got the difficulty achievement, which is well weighted.


The achievement description is really ambiguous this time around, like 'speed demon' or 'bomb master' are unclear, dunno how to obtain them. I searched through youtube, still no so many guides were given at this moment.

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