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Most likely EA staff, promo copy (journalist) or he's downloaded an illegal copy. The game ships today, so it's unlikely he's got it through retail. We only got our promo copies Wed/Thu

Just because you can't get the game early doesn't mean that other people can't. Btw, for journalists/staff they give a code for them to download the game over Xbox Live. Stores have the game, they've had the game for days now.

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It will be like every Game - PC and XBox will have different Achievements.

Have anyone a Idea for Environment Master?

I think, you must use all the Traps like the big Dinohead. But i have no Idea what i miss. Made all I can see, play the Maps the third time and find nothing new.


EDIT: I found all.




- The Press

- In the Water


Dead Rock:


- The Tornado

- The Dinohead

- The Meatplant




- In the Turbine in the middle

- In the Waterjet thats comes from the Tubes


Grand Central:


- In the Lift (must be kicked in and with the Whip you must pull the Lift down)

- In the rotable Door

- In the Fountain in the Middle

- One must be hit from the Trainthing. It must be good timed bevore you kick one.




- In the Turbine on the ceiling

- In the electric Cable


Power Plant:


- In the big Turbine Wheel

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So anyone have glitched chieves yet? I'm playing the PC version and currently the flies one I have 21/21 and no chieve and then just tried the 10 headshot one and no dice either. I'm hoping something is just stuck so I'm going to try the bottles later in the disco see if it's stuck too.


Dunno if it had to do with playing in windowed mode but went back to the club level to where I'd get +500 for an Exterminator skillshot and the achievement popped.


If anyone is having issues with the PC version try signing out of your profile and re-sign back in. Worked for me for a few "stuck" achievements. Entirely is profile related I believe.

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methusalem thanks for finding all the environmentals it will help a lot.

Outinthedark, a friend of mine has also found achievement glitches and hopefully they patch them.

Apparently for the bottles achievement just find the disco area and keep reloading from last checkpoint rinse and repeat for drinking and destroying.

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