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Will Wigan Fans Still Buy the Game....


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...knowing that Kyle Eastmond is going to be the cover star for the UK version?


Kyle Eastmond To be Cover Star


Knowing that no love is lost between the Pie-eaters and Stains fans, will this put some of you off buying it? Or Will you be asking for a sticker putting over the front to cover him up?


(Also the game is confirmed for release in the UK 2nd November)

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Come on guys why do you hate wigan so much, is it becaue we won this


Super League Champions

League Leaders

Under 20's Champions

Best supported Club of The Year

Floodlit 9's Winners

Pat Richards: Man Of Steel

Sam Tomkins: Young Player of the Year

Michael Maguire: Coach of the Year




(Shipley0110) -I bought the game im a wigan fan i dont care if eastmond is on the front cover more botherd about the game itself.


(leedsrhinos1) - Eastmond is a great player on his day, but he has been injured to many times and its stoped his progress. Tomkins is way better than him, even St Helens fans would agree. Hope eastmond gets fit and back to his best for england.


(kemik) - Every team in super league leaves early, FACT. (4th down on the list) :uzi:

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I would rather have my ex wife on the cover than Sam Tomkins, at least my ex wife doesn't go down (hence the reason she is ex wife Boom-Boom) feigning injury as easily as Tomkins. I don't get it, he is obviously a talented player who feels that he has to cheat to gain an advance when it just isn't necessary.


It's funny we have had a few years in the wilderness for Wigan and a good season suddenly they are world beaters again (see Ancient and Loyal post).


I definately be getting it at least that way I will see the Rhinos buy some decent players and rule the roost again, instead of having a tight wad chairman who is trying to do things on the cheap and can't understand why the fans are disgruntled.

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