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Turning on the pumps help!


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Any idea how you're supposed to turn the power on so that you can start the pumps? I've been wandering around aimlessly for ages now!!!



Edit: Ok, I figured it out. It turns out that my game glitched here. And I've read on other forums about other people getting stuck here too. My lightkiller darkling was just standing near the broken pump and I couldn't re-direct him. It was obvious I needed to use him because you unlock this ability in that room. So I restarted from the last checkpoint, summoned the first lightkiller darkling I could and he ran off to the broken pump room and sorted it straight away!!

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6 hours ago, Loopytucan said:

Years later re running this game. For some reason I’m at the point where i need to power the water pumps but i haven’t yet obtained the light killer darkling so i literally don’t know what else to do, even a checkpoint restart just takes me to where i initially activated the pumps with no darkling.


Been ages since I played this game, but the posts above specifically say that you need to smash the lights in the room and then you'll be given the lightkiller darkling. Have you tried running around smashing all the lights first? 


Edit: I read through a walkthrough and it says, in the pump room, that there's a dead guy on the ground whose heart you need to devour, and doing so gives you the new lightkiller darkling. Try that? 

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