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Is Dead Rising: Case Zero worth 400 Points?


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well for 200 achieve points for 400 points its really good point wise to buy, if you plan on getting dr2 in 3 weeks its a real good chance to get a feel for things, if not this might be the thing that hooks you into buying the game.


as a standalone title i rather liked it, its everything i hoped for and more, altho i only played it through twice for the achievements you could have hrs or game play finding clothes testing the weps mixing drinks and general zombie brutal murders.


its also a way of getting a decent headstart on dr2 level wise and giving you a advantage earlier levels.


for 400 points you really can't go wrong with this title, a full play through is something like couple of hrs, most achieves can be done in 1 play through if you try, if you really are concerned there is a trial version but if you follow the story upto the ambulance itll end the demo, you could explore around with weps without doing the story and see if its your cup of tea.

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It's not really a demo, it's a nice little bonus mission. It's kinda short (an hour or two), but it's fun while it lasts. To be fair, this type of thing should have been a pre-order bonus or an unlock, but to be fair, I spent five bucks on worse things.


If you consider it as DLC, you'll enjoy it. It's a nice taste of the game while not being a demo. You get an early look at some characters and even some development with them. It's a nice little budget title.


To be fair, after I beat it, I thought it should have been a free promotional product, but still enjoyed it in the end.

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Just tried a searching but it kept saying there was a fatal error, so i hope this question hasn't already been asked but;


Is a demo really worth 400 points? Even if it is a stand alone game!


I absolutely HATED the first Dead Rising. Bought this to give it a shot, & it made me want to buy Dead Rising 2, really hyped for it now. 400 points = bargain, short but very, very sweet.

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It took me 2 full and 2 half playthroughs to get all 200 points. A full playthoguh is almost 3 hours. The achievements are a breeze.


This game was paced and flowed WAY better than the first DR. I dont know if that will be how the full game is.


Even minus the story bits, there is a lot to do in this game.


Well worth 400MS points.

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It's impossible not to recommend this game. For achievements, a fun time, and a lengthy adventure with tons to do.


The best way to look at it is that this is a self contained mini-game, that lasts a few hours, has immense replay value as well, and for $5 it's the perfect way to decide if you want Dead Rising 2.


This isn't a paid demo either, there's a good amount of material here and it's a ton of fun. Furthermore, you can keep your level and goodies if you do decide to get Dead Rising 2, using the save file to start you off a higher level. Which, if anyone remembers the first game, it was ultra important to level up - so much so people would complete half the game and restart at that level.


Totally worth it in every regard for $5.

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This arcade game is so worth the $5 it costs. In fact, looking at how much other arcade games are worth, that are worse, I wonder if it's actually worth more than it's priced for! It is insanely fun to play, it directly benefits your Dead Rising 2 game once you get it, and the replay value is ridiculous. I mean, who doesn't have fun beating up zombies with a nailbat and getting achievements for beating up enough zombies?


This mini game actually made me decide to pre-order Dead Rising 2! While it is an extended demo to some extent, it is also a self-contained game that you'll have fun playing.

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