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Is Dead Rising: Case Zero worth 400 Points?


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i was ready and willing to pay 1200points when it was announced at 400points i knew it was a steal. people keep saying its only two hours are wrong. yes you could run through it fast but you will most likely need to replay it a couple times to get the full 200gs short of using a guide. with each play through being around 2 hours you more than get your moneys worth even if not a deadrising fan. i have beaten the game at least 10 times and still enjoy it. so just pick it up ;)

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Like many others I have payed more then 400 points for DLC and other Arcade games. This has got to be the best 400 points I have spent so far.


You get a couple of hours of fun, I nice sample of whats to come in Dead Rising 2 and you can carry stuff over.


Overal it must be the best game you can buy on the Marketplace for 400 points.

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Thanks to everyone for the replies some of them really made me smile :D


From all of the comments, I would say that 98% of people say this game is worth the money. So it looks like I will be making my first, yes first MS points purchase.


My rant please skip it if you want “I have always hated the idea of points, cos I think they’re a massive con making you buy them in weird totals so you can never spend them properly, so you end up buy more and more while Microsoft makes interest on your money. For example DR: CZ is 400 points, so if you paid with money it would cost say £3.50, but with points you have to buy 800 which cost £7 pounds and then you don’t spend the rest of points for a while, so MS have effectively made the interest from £3.50 until you spend the remaining points. If you factor this in across the world, then MS probably make enough money from this each year for me to live off in a lifetime.” :mad:


Anyway back to the topic and with that rant over I will get DR: CZ with some free points I recently got, so here goes!! :)


Oh and one final point, It also looks like the majority of people as saying it really is a stand alone game and not to view it as a demo. I am interested in what a couple of people said when saying that it should have been free with a pre-order but I suppose when it all boils down to it, I get an arcade game with 200:gsicon: for only 400 points. Not bad, but M$ still feel it necessary to make money on everything!!! haha


Thanks again everyone.


Comben :)

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Deal of the week? i havnt seen any other game that is 400msp dotw other than sonic and that was on sonics birthday.


Actually, that NBA 2K10 Draft Combine has been up at 240MSP, and so has Chime. The Sonic games (1 - 3 & S&K) were all at 240MSP for Sonic's birthday, but Sonic 2 has been up separately for a deal of the week before that.


Not that I think DR:CZ is likely to be on Deal of the Week any time soon, I'm just saying I'm happy to wait and see if it does. If it does, brilliant I get an awesome deal. If it doesn't, oh well I probably won't really miss the game.

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