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Anyone else got 200G in one playthrough?


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So yeah I did it! :) got all achievements in one playthrough without dying or loading previous saves and I did it with my girlfriends profile so I was on lvl 1 with no combo cards or skills. I still have to admit that I was too relaxed about the 1000 kills that that I just barely make it to the motorcycle before army rushed in.



Long story short here is what I did:

Of course first combinations; nails+bat, nails+propane tank and drill+ bucket. 1/12 A taste of things to come


Went outside and killed some zombies at the same time I was starting to open locked doors (got over 100 kills), first hunting store(picked up the construction helmet on roof and some beer from the streets) then sherif office (picked spray behind sheriff office) continued to combine helmet+beer and went to get the zombrex and bike (before taking bike back picked up the traffic cone). 2/12 Zombie hunter


When back at saferoom combined traffic cone+spray and out I went. Saved dick, bought a clue from him and took oar from where he was and also picked up shotgun from sheriffs office. Runned to the combining point near shed (picked chainsaw and pitchfork from house next to it [can't remember name >_<]) combined shotgun+pitchfork and oar+chainsaw. Then went to get battery from behind movie theater (no, not the same place as engine) combined it with rake. Now picked up the engine, newspaper and gas canister and took those back to safe house. Combined newspaper+whisky. 5/12 A Bigger taste..., Part way there, Clueless no more


At this point I was like: "F**k I haven't been on casino at all!" and from this point I always went to casino when I came out from saferoom so I won't write that everytime.


Went to save Gemini and Fausto from bar. Picked the shed key from hotel and went to open the shed. Before taking the forks I went to quaranteen area to got the jewels for gemini opened the locked door at movie theater and then took bike forks back to saferoom. 6/12 Locksmith


At this point I had some time before the girls would appeare so I went to talk bob on the roof just in case and bought wheel and zombrex from pawnshop. I was just grinding kills on streets and money from casino until nikki and tia appeared. Then went to get sharon and took them all to saferoom. When I get back out again the hooligans where already there and went to save them. Of course picking up the sword on the way. Took Archie and Jason and of course the handlebars back to saferoom. 7/12 Ready to ride


Now I just grinded kills and money until it was time to give zombrex to Katey, got 100k money just before that. Picked sword and shotgun and couple orange juices and went kill Jed. 9/12 Small town, deep pockets, Chop shop


Now went to save Bob and his daughter Darcie and grind those last kills. Got 1000 just in time to run like hell to bike and and jump on it! Drived out from Still Creek with katie smashing 6 soldiers on the way! 12/12 Still Creek savior, Zombie exterminator, We ride to fortune city!


It's not that hard and I don't claim to be the best in this game or in this game series. I just love good zombie games and this was great! Saw a thread here where someone was able to get 11/12 so I wanted to see if I can top that. It was very fun because if you play just normally you have little bit too much time on your hands and this was a fun challenge :p


So if you also have done this please tell how easy/hard was it? what was funniest thing? what was the most irritating thing? anything!

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So it is possible... I must explore to much or something, i have 2 bike parts rescued Dick and the 2 from the bar, got the key from the hotel and got that part, found the engine and went to the bowling alley, the second i got to the place where i get the girl for the bowling alley i suddenly i have to give the daughter the meds. I really hate timed games sometimes :p


Level 2 anyway, i think i might just replay through from start with new stats right away, just wanted to get the story before DR2 but now im annoyed lol


I dont know where the time went, at one point i swear 5 hrs passed in less than 10mins, tried reading and searching these forums for how times passes but all i ever come up with is the times survivors appear.

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Did 2 playthroughs. The 1st was rescuing all surviors,doing story,building a combo weapon. etc


the 2nd was 1000 kills,Spent 100,000 $ at the pawn shop (Getting moose head over and over for quick kills for the 1 k kills) And using a guide to unlock every door in the game and building every combo weapon in the game.

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